DPC signs contract with Headway  

Headway, the leading data-driven media company for marketers worldwide, is now part of Domingues e Pinho Contadores' client portfolio. The deal was concluded through an international network, responsible for Headway's accounting in all the countries where the multinational technology operates.

The deadline to file of the Statement of Brazilian Capital Abroad (CBE) for first quarter started

The individuals and legal entities resident, domiciled or domiciled in Brazil, holding assets and rights against non-residents, including real estate, cash in foreign currency, among other assets whose value sum amount not less than the USD 100,000,000.00 must pay attention to the requirement to submit the CBE.

OTC 2018: DPC in Business Mission in the United States

Domingues e Pinho Contadores (DPC) attended the 2018 edition of OTC - Offshore Technology Conference represented by the directors João Henrique Brum and Luciana Uchôa, from April 30 to May 3.

Domingues e Pinho Contadores joins IBP

Domingues e Pinho Contadores (DPC) became part of the associate network of the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas, and Biofuels (IBP). The initiative is in line with DPC’s objectives, whose portfolio has a significant portion made up of clients in this area.

DPC participate to 2018 OTC in Houston

Domingues e Pinho Contadores, represented by directors João Henrique Brum and Luciana Uchôa, is in business mission in 2018 edition of OTC - Offshore Technology Conference, considered the world’ most important oil and gas fair. The event takes place in Houston, in United States, from April 30 to May 3.

Opening companies: attention to some points may represent competitive advantage for those who want to undertake

A well-planned business from the early stages is more likely to be stable in the market and become more competitive. Therefore, when formalizing an activity, companies should invest in this initial moment, counting on an advisory on legal and regulatory aspects and advantages of each business model.

ICMS/RJ – list to be filled by taxpayers who enjoy tax benefits

SEFAZ Resolution nº 249, of Apr-26-2018 - (RJ Official Gazette, of Apr-27-2018) - Extends from Apr-30-2018 to Jun-18-2018 the information filing by the taxpayers who enjoy tax benefits in ICMS Covenant No. 190/2017.

Reviewing payroll facilitates fitness for the third phase of eSocial

The most committed employer is not free from committing mistakes, either by carelessness or by not being up to date with the evolution of the applicable legislation. To avoid problems or setbacks, hiring a payroll review service is a good solution.

Provisional Measure No. 808 of 2017 – Closing Date

The Provisional Measure No. 808/2017 (popularly known as "Reformation of the Reformation") amending the Consolidation of the Laws of the (Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho - “CLT”) informs that its term ended on Apr-23-2018.

RFB discontinued Derex filing

The Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) Normative Instruction 1801 terminated the Statement for the Use of Foreign Currency Resources from Exports Reception (Derex), whose filing was mandatory for individuals or legal entities resident or domiciled in Brazil, maintaining foreign currency resources overseas.
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