eFinanceira: Extension of Deadline 

Statement is filled with financial operations information of Brazilian Federal Revenue interest.  

São Paulo City Hall – the regulation of tax credits not included in the Active Debt is amended 

The Municipality of São Paulo published, on 08/11/2020, an act that restores the administrative tax installments interrupted after the public calamity due to the new coronavirus pandemic, which occurred on March 20, 2020. 

Darf – Revenue codes for collecting optional social security contributions instituted

Codar Executive Declaratory Act nº 2/2020 instituted the revenue codes to be informed in the Federal Revenue Collection Document (Darf).

Concilia Rio Program – The Regulation of Tax Credits not Registered in Active Debt was amended 

The SMF Resolution 3,174/2020 regulates the resumption of the Concilia Rio Program, regarding tax credits of IPTU and TCL, ISS and ITBI, whether or not registered in Active Debt. 

The registrations at Siscoserv are suspended

It is important to keep monitoring and organizing the documents related to the operations to be registered in Siscoserv.

MP 932 – Conversion into law with veto to reduce contribution rates to the S System

The reduction originally provided for in MP 932/2020 took effect from April to June/2020.

INSS – Changing data by the phone number 135

It is possible to correct the CNIS (National Register of Social Information) information by calling to 135 or at the branches.

Deducting domestic’s INSS is no longer applicable as of DIRPF 2020

Benefit was temporary and has not been renewed for the 2020 IRPF Report, making it impossible for employers to deduct expenses with domestic workers' pensions.

eSocial – New postponement due to Covid-19

The Brazilian Federal Revenue ("RFB") informed that, due to the state of public calamity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the eSocial obligation calendar will be changed in the next few days.

State of RJ regulates the procedures for depositing in the Temporary Budget Fund (FOT)

Decree came to regulate the Temporary Budget Fund (Fundo Orçamentário Temporário – “FOT”), replacing the State Fund for Fiscal Balance (FEEF ).
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