The criteria for Differential and Special Accompaniment of Legal Entities in 2019 are establishes

The Federal Revenue of Brazil published RFB Ordinance 2176/2018 (Dec-31-2018) establishing criteria for the indication of legal entities to be under the accompaniment of differential economic-tax in 2018.

New deadline to inclusion the final beneficiary in the CNPJ

By means of RFB Normative Instruction 1863/2018, a new deadline was given for companies required to inform their final beneficiaries.

DCTFWeb – New deadlines are established by the Federal Revenue Service

RFB Normative Instruction 1,853/2018 changes rules in the schedule of the DCTFWeb (Statement of Federal Social Security Tax Debits and Credits and Other Entities and Funds).

New Income Tax Regulation are published

The new RIR is the result of a revision of the former regulation and the consolidation of changes in the applicable rules to tax in recent years.

Federal Revenue opens public consultation for ordinance that creates program to stimulate good practices in companies

Federal Revenue of Brazil intends to establish the Program for Stimulating Tax Compliance Pro-Conformity (Pró-Conformidade) aiming to encourage companies to adopt good conduct practices.

EFD-Reinf: Change of dates of mandatory reporting and forecasting fines

Such normative instruction establishing a new obligation schedule, aligning the EFD-Reinf with the latest changes in deadlines occurred at eSocial.

The “Nos Conformes” Program may change the companies’ relationship with SEFAZ-SP

The “Nos Conformes” objective is to develop the relationship between São Paulo tax authorities and their taxpayers in a mutual trust environment, by encouraging taxpayers’ compliance, by means of granting counterparties to those who strictly comply with their tax obligations.

Changes to the National Corporate Taxpayers’ Registration (CNPJ) – Inclusion of the nomination of Final Beneficiaries

Since July 2017, the national entities, in addition to entities domiciled abroad, are also required to provide their final beneficiaries information through the Coletor Nacional (National Collector, in English) at enrollment with the National Corporate Taxpayers’ Registration (Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas - “CNPJ”).

State of Rio de Janeiro grants reduction of penalties and default interest

State Complementary Law 182 deals with the installment payment of ICMS debts, penalties from the State Court of Accounts (TCE), and individuals’ IPVA debts.

Federal Revenue rules the Individual’s Registry of Economic Activity (CAEPF)

Registration will be made by the individual in the e-CAC portal, through the eSocial portal, or in the RFB service units.
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