MP 919 – New Minimum Salary value from February 2020 on

New value of the monthly minimum salary was set at BRL 1,045.00.

CBE 2020 – Assets of any nature held outside the country by residents of Brazil must be reported to Central Bank

The period to file the Statement of Brazilian Capitals Abroad (CBE) required annually by the Central Bank of Brazil ends on April 06, 2020.

2020 accessory obligations schedule

The federal tax schedule is comprehensive and leaves no doubt that organization is critical to ensure full compliance with all requirements.

RFB – Rules for Special and Differential Economic and Tax Monitoring in 2020

The Federal Revenue established the criteria for indication of legal entities and individuals to be submitted to the differential and special economic tax monitoring in 2020.

The schedule of federal accessory obligations in 2020 requires attention  

Companies of all sizes and segments must start the year in attention to the tax, accounting, labor and social security obligations that fall on their businesses during the new year.

Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf)

It results from the conversion of Provisional Measure 893/2019, restructuring the Financial Activities Control Council.

Green and Yellow Employment Relationship Agreement

Establishes that the provisions in Article 9 and 12 of the Provisional Measure 905/2019, which, among other measures, establishes the Green and Yellow Employment Relationship Agreement.

DREI – Registration Booklet

It revokes the DREI Normative Instruction 67/2019, which amended the Public Limited Company Registration Manual, in view of the changes introduced in Law 6,404/1976, by the Provisional Measure 892/2019, which lost its effectiveness.

EFD-Reinf – RFB suspends Group 3 starting date

The RFB Normative Instruction 1,921/2020 changes the beginning of the EFD-Reinf mandatory filing - for the 3rd group of eSocial.

2020 IRPF: Taxpayer must be prepared to report to the Federal Revenue

While awaiting definitions on all topics and likely news for the 2020 Individual’s Income Tax Return, the taxpayer can now begin organizing the documents and proofs commonly required by the annual adjustment report.
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