Yellow September: DPC promotes mental health awareness campaign

Actions included specialized information and activities to engage the team.

Direct transmission of DCTFWeb

With this new function, DCTFWeb can be submitted automatically after eSocial closes.

ECF 2021: Is your company prepared for data cross-checking?

The Brazilian Federal Revenue Office has been demonstrating its inspection capacity, demanding attention from companies in relation to ECF and the cross-checking with other obligations.

ICMS/RJ – Monthly frequency of tax documents related to goods transported by pipelines

Resolution SEFAZ No. 264 provides for operations with certain goods by means of pipeline transportation.

Occupational safety and health data must be sent to eSocial as from October

Companies from Group 1 must report occupational safety and health (OSH) information to eSocial as of October 13th.

Income Tax Reform: Chamber approves text that changes taxation for individuals and legal entities

A set of measures that brings changes to the Income Tax and CSLL rules will still go through the Senate and the presidential sanction/veto.

Law that makes opening companies easier and modernizes the business environment is sanctioned

Among the measures is the automatic issuance of permits and licenses.

Hiring processes must be planned to optimize management and minimize risks

Inefficient hiring process can affect business strategies, in addition to being a gateway to labor risks.

BEm: program that authorized salary reduction or contract suspension ended on 08/25

Companies that joined BEm must end the working hours and salaray reduction agreements or suspension of employment contracts.

Functional currency: adaptation is a strategic step for the client’s business

Determining the functional currency involves many factors and it must take into account the reality of the company.
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