The deadline to file the Economic and Financial Report – DEF for the 3rd quarter is December 31, 2020

Companies recording direct foreign investment, whose assets or equity is equal to or greater than R$250 million are required to report the quarterly DEF by December 31, 2020.

Actual Income: implementation, advantages and caution in choosing this taxation method

Actual Income is a model admittedly more complex, which makes many companies avoid it today. In fact, specialized accounting advice is needed to support the implications of this choice.

The transmission of CBE for the 3rd quarter starts on October 31

The deadline to report the statement for the base date of September 30, 2020 is at 6:00 p.m. of December 5, 2020.

Federal Revenue – Service Dossier Process

It makes the filing of the Power of Attorney with a notarized signature mandatory, being restricted under a registry by means of the Service Dossier Process (Service Digital Dossier/DDA).

eSocial: the Government announces changes in the schedule and adjustments in the platform

eSocial is adjusted in the chronogram and in the form the information is reported. Measures will be effective as of November 1st.

The ordinance extinguishing Siscoserv is published


Taxation on telecommunications activity: development of the sector faces high tax burden and fiscal particularities

Brazil has a high tax burden on telecommunication services, in addition to a very specific taxation model, particularly on ICMS.

ICMS: State of São Paulo publishes measures aimed at fiscal adjustment

State law increases ICMS rates, affects tax benefits and tax substitution regime, generating an increase in the Tax.

Technology in people management: a greater mobility and flexibility for companies and teams


São Paulo City Hall requires mandatory registration of companies in the Waste Transportation Control – Electronic (CTR-E)

Companies should register until October 31, 2020, thus avoiding penalties due to non-compliance with the mandatory registration.
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