State Taxes / SP – Electronic Petitioning System

Creates the Electronic Petitioning System (SIPET).

Management of accounting and fiscal documents in the digital age

The management of business documents is undergoing a transition to digital. Transition is inevitable and can no longer be postponed.

ITCMD: strategy can reduce the impact of taxation on equity

Whenever there is a transfer of assets and rights from one person to another through inheritance or donation, it is necessary to consider the incidence of the Tax on Cause Mortis and Donation Transmission (ITCMD).

Central Bank – Foreign Exchange Market Operations

Amends Circular No. 3.691/2013, which provides for the foreign exchange market.

The ordinance that included Covid-19 in the list of occupational diseases is revoked 

The canceled ordinance included the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in LDRT. However, after the publication of the new text, the disease is no longer part of that list, and is no longer associated with work. 

eSocial Schedule: postponement of phases that would start in September 

Only the phases that would start in September, in addition to the groups that were not yet required, had the deadlines postponed. 

Taxation of profits earned abroad by legal entities domiciled in the country

Alters Normative Instruction RFB nº 1.520 / 2014, which provides for the taxation of profits earned abroad by legal entities domiciled in the Country.

Federal Revenue – changes in e-CAC Portal access 

As of Sep-01-2020, the access to the e-CAC Portal will be only via Access Code or Acesso 

Provisional Measure No. 955 of 2020 – Term Of Validity

Formally defines that Provisional Measure 955/2020, which revokes Provisional Measure 905/2019 that establishes the Green and Yellow Labor Contract and amends labor legislation, had its term ended on August 17, 2020.

New extension of suspension for contract and reduction of working hours and salary for sixty additional days

The Decree 10,470 extends the deadlines of the agreements of Emergency Benefit for the Preservation of Employment and Income (BEm) for up to 180 days.
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