MP 932: The Senate approves a decrease in the contributions rates for part of System S

New text goes to presidential sanction.

Covid-19 – Preventive measures in the workplace in the resumption of activities

Among the measures, the standard mentions social distance, respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene, supply and use of masks, cleaning and disinfection of environments and protocols for contacting, suspicious and confirmed cases.

Digital certificate: resource gains more importance in times of pandemic

In an increasingly technological world, it becomes necessary to create ways to ensure personal or business identity electronically.

Measures to protect health and mitigate labor risks at resumption of activities

Resumption phase requires planning, strategy, attention to labor and health measures.

Federal Revenue extends the payment period for Social Security Contribution, PIS/PASEP and Cofins

The Ordinance 245/2020, extending the payment period of social security contributions, PIS and Cofins for May 2020, which should now be paid at the maturity of the contributions due in the period of October 2020.

DPC’s director takes office as vice president of AHK Rio

Marluci Azevedo, DPC’s partner and director, took office as vice president and treasurer of the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Rio).

DREI – General Rules and Guidelines for the Public Registry of Companies

Consolidates the general rules and guidelines of the Public Registry of Companies.

INSS – Changing data by the phone number 135

It is possible to correct the CNIS (National Register of Social Information) information by calling to 135 or at the branches.

Deducting domestic’s INSS is no longer applicable as of DIRPF 2020

Benefit was temporary and has not been renewed for the 2020 IRPF Report, making it impossible for employers to deduct expenses with domestic workers' pensions.

eSocial – New postponement due to Covid-19

The Brazilian Federal Revenue ("RFB") informed that, due to the state of public calamity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the eSocial obligation calendar will be changed in the next few days.
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