The future of work: DPC director joins volunteer group to discuss youth opportunities

Luciana Uchôa was one of the representatives selected to join the group and to collaborate, with her experience and market vew, with relevant themes to youth.

Requirements for foreign individual shareholder’s interest in Brazilian companies

In order to be successful in its projects and investments in productive capital, the foreign partner must consider the local rules and standards related to its condition.

Rio de Janeiro: Installment of tax debts for companies in judicial reorganization

The Law allows the installment of tax debts for business companies, individual entrepreneurs and individual limited liability companies that are in judicial recovery.

São Paulo: Regulation of the “Nos Conformes” Program

State of São Paulo regulated the "Nos Conformes" program, which deals with ICMS.

Tax Withholding: points of attention at the business compliance

The companies must be aware of a number of issues that may reflect the misappropriation of taxes.

Cryptoactive: Taxation of virtual currencies for individuals in Brazil

The measure is applied to companies, individuals and brokers.

Operations with Cryptoactives

Approval of the layout and respective manual of mandatory disclosure of information on operations with cryptoactives to the Federal Revenue


Establishes that for excluding non-taxable areas from the total area of rural property, the taxpayer must submit to the Ibama the Environmental Declaratory Act (ADA).

Best Practices for Business Financial Control

Companies of all sizes and areas should structure their financial management to ensure evolution, business sustainability and market competitiveness.

Provisional Measure (Medida Provisória – MP) of Economic Freedom impacts labor relations

The MP 881/19, also known as MP of Economic Freedom, among other topics, provides for new rules in labor relations, and are highlighted: time clock control, issuance of CTPS and replacement of eSocial.
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