DPC supports a socio-cultural project in São Paulo

The DPC Transforma program expands its performance by supporting music project for public hospitals in the city.

Occupational Health and Safety: the last phase of eSocial can produce high penalties

Companies in Group 1, that are entering the last phase in July, should rely on services of OHS specialists to transmit data to eSocial to avoid summons.

The eSocial mandatory consultation tool and DCTFWeb was provided

It is now possible for a corporate taxpayer to consult the beginning of the mandatory filing of information to eSocial and the Statement of Federal Tax Debt and Credits (DCTFWeb).

Withholding Income Tax Return and Dirf 2019 Generator Program

Establishes that, in the event of termination resulting from settlement, merger, consolidation or total spin-off occurred in calendar year 2019, the terminated legal entity shall file Dirf 2019 on the calendar year 2019

Federal Revenue publishes eSocial video series about EFD-Reinf and DCTFWeb

The Federal Revenue has made available a series of seven video-lessons on the occurrences and errors observed by the eSocial, EFD-Reinf, and DCTFWeb development teams.

SISCOMEX – Qualification Procedures

it amends the RFB Normative Instruction 1603/2015, which establishes procedures for the authorization of importers, exporters and internees of the Manaus Free Zone for operation at the Integrated System of Foreign Trade

Manuel Domingues e Pinho and Adriana Costa take office at SESCON RJ

<h1>Manuel Domingues e Pinho and Adriana Costa take office at SESCON RJ</h1> <br /> <p>The DPC’s CEO, Manuel Domingues, and the taxes director, Adriana Costa, took […]

Do not miss the new deadline for inclusion of the final beneficiary in the CNPJ

It is worth mentioning that, since July 2017, in addition to entities domiciled abroad, domestic entities are also required to provide information on their final beneficiaries, through the National Collector at registration with the CNPJ. The Normative Instruction 1634/2017, revoked on Dec-28-2018, established the deadline to Dec-31-2018 to update the registrations with the final beneficiary information by the entities enrolled in the CNPJ before Jul-1-2017.

Non-Overdue Liability Certificates: Why keeping them up-to-date?

It is very important to keep up with tax obligations, an indispensable requirement when there is a need to maintain assets, participate in bids, make bank loans, or any other transaction that needs to attest the company’s liability. To prove this condition, it is necessary to present several documents, among them, the Non-Overdue Liability Certificates (Certidões Negativas de Débitos - “CND”).

João Henrique Brum takes office at Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Last Friday, Marc 15, the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rio de Janeiro presented its new members of the board of director and chair of the entity. Officials, including the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, attended the ceremony.
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