Deadline to take advantage of PGBL tax benefit in IR Statement is approaching

The PGBL pension plan (Free Generating Benefit Plan), which allows reduce in up to 12% from annual gross revenue in Income Tax (IR), is recommended for those who make the Statement of Annual Income Tax Adjustment (DAA) in the complete model.

Federal Revenue of Brazil – Creation of the Works’ National Register (Cadastro Nacional de Obras – “CNO”)

Publication of Normative Instruction RFB nº 1.845/2018 created the National Register of Works (CNO) to replace the Specific Registry of the INSS (CEI).

Tax planning 2019: Appropriate practices contribute to business success

In times when cost reduction is an objective pursued by companies, the tax planning becomes even more strategic.

Inspection of operations with virtual currencies

The Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) conducted Public Consultation 6/2018 to deal with the provision of information on cryptoactive operations (virtual currencies).

eSocial: stay tuned for the next deadlines

The adjustment of dates was based on a diagnosis that identified the companies' difficulties in complying with the new process.

EFD-Reinf: deadline to fulfil the new stage is approaching

Companies that are in the EFD-Reinf second group (with a turnover of up to BRL 78 million, in 2016) should be aware of the approximation of the deadline to file the obligation.

State of São Paulo – rules for ICMS and IPVA installments were amended

New resolutions deal with changes in the installments of ICMS and IPVA debts, with more flexible rules related to the number of debits, terms and payment dates.

DCTFWeb – New deadlines are established by the Federal Revenue Service

RFB Normative Instruction 1,853/2018 changes rules in the schedule of the DCTFWeb (Statement of Federal Social Security Tax Debits and Credits and Other Entities and Funds).

IFRS 16: how to comply with the standard that influences lease registrations

In January 2019, IFRS 16 came into force, imposing changes in the leasing records of companies, such as leasing vehicles, offices and other types of assets.

Labor Reform completes one year in force

The Labor Reform has completed a year in force. Law 13,467 / 2017 added and also modified some provisions of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT).
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