Labor and social security: 2020 overview and attention issues for 2021


Measures for salary reduction and suspension of employment agreement may be extended

Businesses that have benefited from the measure so far and will choose to continue with the planned actions, should pay attention to some points.

Understand how the new INSS table works for the private sector

New Social Security rates have been in effect since March 1, affecting the payroll calculation.

eSocial: new phase is mandatory for companies with revenues up to BRL 78 million, except micro, small and MEI

Observing the difficulties faced by large companies with eSocial may support the overcoming of the new employers’ group main challenges.

Key aspects of labor reform and the influences on eSocial

The new labor law is being considered as the biggest change ever in the Consolidated Labor Laws (Consolidação das Leis Trabalhistas - “CLT”). The doubts are still great among employers and workers, and some aspects will become clearer over time as a result of the new procedures and new case law by Labor Court.

Companies should start adapting to eSocial as soon as possible

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