Offshore companies: monthly accounting follow-up avoids fines and penalties

Several Brazilians opted for the incorporation of an offshore company over the last decades as a way of asset protection, succession or fiscal planning.

eSocial: deadline to start the second deployment phase for companies with a turnover of up to BRL 78 million is extended

With the change, the second phase, which would start in September, was postponed to October this year.

IR and obligations related to remittances in foreign currency

Understand how the sending and / or receiving of resources from abroad works.

CEF publishes circular about changes in the deployment schedule of eSocial

Caixa approved a change in the deployment schedule of eSocial, establishing new deadlines for transmission of events.

DPC is honored on CAMP Mangueira’s 30th anniversary

The company was part of the supporting network to the institution, contributing to the integration of young apprentices in the labor market.

ISS-SP – Municipality of São Paulo changes deadline to file the DES-IF modules in case of unavailability of system  

The added rule deals with the extension of filing deadline of DES-IF modules to the 3rd business day after the publication of the Act of the Sub Secretary of the Municipal Revenue that recognizes the unavailability of the information systems of the Secretariat of Finance.

ICMS-RJ – Rio de Janeiro’s tax authorities change rules on interstate operations to non-taxpayers

The Decree 46374, of Jul-25-2018, amended the RICMS-RJ/2000 concerning interstate operations intended to non-taxpayers of the tax referred to in the Constitutional Amendment 87/2015 and ICMS Agreement 93/2015.

New deadline for DCTFWeb requirement

The requirement to file the DCTFWeb to the taxpayers of the first phase of eSocial was extended to August/2018.

Recognition: Pattonair honors DPC

The director Glória Cunha represented DPC at the celebration and received a plaque symbolizing the success of a decade of partnership.

Oil & Gas and compliance under discussion: DPC directors participate in business meetings

DPC directors attended the XIII IBEF Forum of Oil, Gas and Energy 2018.
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