Fine mesh: what to do to settle it 

The taxpayer who had the report withheld, now needs to organize himself to settle the situation.

Tax reform: Government files a proposal to create the Social Contribution on Operations with Goods and Services (CBS) 

Social Contribution on Operations with Goods and Services (Operações com Bens e Serviços - “CBS”), a value-added tax (IVA), replaces the Social Integration Program and the Public Servant Assets Formation (PIS/Pasep) and the Social Security Financing (Cofins). 

CAMEX – Import Tax

Amends to 0% the rates of the Import Tax on Information Technology and Telecommunication Goods.

The deadline to file the ECF for 2019 is extended

The Brazilian Federal Revenue announced the extension of the deadline to submit the Tax Accounting Bookkeeping (ECF) to September 30, 2020.

Labor rules proposed by MP 927 are no longer effective  

Companies should be attentive to the return of the rules that were changed by the MP.

The extension of the deadline for temporary suspension of employment agreement and reduction of working hours and salary is regulated

The deadlines for the proportional reduction of working hours / salaries and the suspension of the employment contract were extended.

Census of Foreign Capitals in Brazil: deadline report the obligation to Bacen ends in August 

The deadline to report the Annual Census of Foreign Capital in Brazil is open, which will end at 6 pm on August 17, 2020. 

FGTS installments plan: DPC supports clients to overcome difficulties in issuing and payment of payment slips

Instabilities at Caixa Economica Federal system for issuance of payment slips and restriction of receiving banks made compliance with the obligation difficult. DPC worked strongly to deal with the issue, avoiding penalties and sanctions for the clients.

ISS-RJ: Tax incentive to culture can minimize the effects of Covid-19 in the city of Rio de Janeiro

Companies have the opportunity to keep the city's artistic production active and also generate benefits for the institutional image.

Free Store – Special Customs System

Amends the MF Ordinance 112/2008, which deals with the special customs regime for duty-free shops at ports and airports.
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