2019 IRPF: How to make the estate report

We are in the period of preparation and filing of the Individual Income Tax Return (DIRPF) and many taxpayers find themselves with doubts. When it comes to providing information about someone who has passed away, the tax return may seem more complex. To help those who need to file an estate report, we have compiled the following summary.

Domingues e Pinho Contadores expands service capacity in São Paulo

Domingues e Pinho Contadores expands its office structure and expands its specialists’ team to meet new customer demands at its São Paulo unit. The professionals now occupy the new space, representing an increase of 25% in the service infrastructure. The specialists’ team will ensure more agility in the current processes and increase the company's capacity to absorb new clients.

Manuel Domingues e Pinho and Adriana Costa take office at SESCON RJ

<h1>Manuel Domingues e Pinho and Adriana Costa take office at SESCON RJ</h1> <br /> <p>The DPC’s CEO, Manuel Domingues, and the taxes director, Adriana Costa, took […]

Non-Overdue Liability Certificates: Why keeping them up-to-date?

It is very important to keep up with tax obligations, an indispensable requirement when there is a need to maintain assets, participate in bids, make bank loans, or any other transaction that needs to attest the company’s liability. To prove this condition, it is necessary to present several documents, among them, the Non-Overdue Liability Certificates (Certidões Negativas de Débitos - “CND”).

João Henrique Brum takes office at Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Last Friday, Marc 15, the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rio de Janeiro presented its new members of the board of director and chair of the entity. Officials, including the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, attended the ceremony.

DPC completes 35 years and enters a new digital transformation and expansion era

DPC completes 35 years and enters a new digital transformation and expansion era April is a celebration month at Domingues e Pinho Contadores as the company […]

Banco Bradesco receives payments from the City of Rio de Janeiro

From Feb-25-2019, Bradesco is once more in the list of accredited banks to collect revenues at the municipality of Rio de Janeiro. The authorization was published in the Official Gazette, of Feb-22-2019, under the contract for the provision of collection services.

Identity Card

Establishes that the identification agencies, as of Mar-01-2020, will be mandatory to adopt the Identity Card standards and must observe the procedures and the requirements established in Decree 9.278/2018. Previously, the beginning was anticipated to March 2019.

Special Program for Analysis of Benefits with Noncompliance Indications

Rules the Special Program for Analysis of Benefit with Noncompliance Evidence (Special Program), which will last until Dec-31-2020 and it can be extended to Dec-31-2022 by a grounded act of the INSS President.

GFIP – Rural Producers

CODAC Executive Declaration Act 3, of Feb-13-2019 -(Official Gazette of Feb-15-2019) - amends the CODAC Executive Declaratory Act 1/2019, which deals with the procedures the rural producers, individuals and legal entities who opted to replace, as of Jan-01-2019, the social security contribution on the commercialization value of rural production by the payroll contribution should follow at filling the Guarantee Fund payment form (GFIP).
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