Jucerja reduces fee for conversion of Eireli into Limited Liability Company

Deliberation JUCERJA No. 134 establishes the fees for until December 31, 2021.

Consolidation rules and amendments to labor legislation are published

Several rules published in the Federal Official Journal of November 11, 2021 consolidate labor rules and revoke some laws.

New services included in e-CAC Portal

Ordinance CORAT No. 42 includes new services at the Virtual Service Center (e-CAC).

Consolidation of rules for settling debts with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Resolution CVM No. 55 provides rules for settling debts with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ministry of Labor and Social Security approves changes in Regulatory Standards

Four Regulatory Standards and three annexes were reviewed.

ICMS/RJ: Decrees regulate investment incentive laws in the energy sector

Companies in the segment can register to receive special tax treatment.

Provisional Measure No. 1.046 of 2021 – End of term

Declaratory Act CN No. 61 ends the validity term of Provisional Measure No. 1.046, which provides for labor measures to face a public health emergency.

Direct transmission of DCTFWeb

With this new function, DCTFWeb can be submitted automatically after eSocial closes.

ICMS/RJ – Monthly frequency of tax documents related to goods transported by pipelines

Resolution SEFAZ No. 264 provides for operations with certain goods by means of pipeline transportation.

Federal Revenue Office – Rules of the electronic control of maritime cargo

This amendment establishes that intervenors of the customs control system of entry and depart of ships and movement of cargo and cargo units in ports must adopt the Electronic Tax Residence.
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