Tax, financial, labor and social security initiatives as a response to the crisis

The Federal Government has been editing measures to reduce the negative effects of Covid-19 on business, either by postponing the payment of taxes, the presentation of accessory tax obligations or by developing programs to preserve employment.

Deadlines for annual and quarterly CBE delivery approach

The Declaration of Brazilian Capitals Abroad (CBE), must be submitted by individuals and legal entities resident in the country who have assets abroad.

ECD and ECF: Consulting service ensures compliance with ancillary obligation deliveries

ECD deadline is extended depending on the pandemic. Companies should take the time to review, crossing data between ECD and ECF in order to mitigate risks.

DIRPF deadline approaches: June 30

Initially, the deadline for submission was April 30, but there was an extension due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2020 IRPF: How to make the estate report

When it comes to providing information about someone who has passed away, the tax return may seem more complex. To help those who need to file an estate report, we have compiled the following summary.

Time to resume organizing the IRPF 2020

In view of the new coronavirus pandemic and its impact on taxpayers, the IRS has postponed the deadline for submitting the Individual Income Tax Declaration 2020 (DIRPF 2020) for 60 days.

IRPF: how to declare assets and income of offshore companies

Anyone who invests in offshores must annually inform their investment in DIRPF, regardless of the amount.

New term: CBE of the 1st quarter should be presented between June 15th and July 15th

In view of the difficulties imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the Declaration of Brazilian Capitals Abroad (CBE) for the 1st quarter also had its deadline postponed.

Drawback: MP extends suspension of taxes for exporting companies

The federal government has extended tax incentives for Brazilian companies that operate in the foreign trade area and adopt the special drawback regime.

Attention to deadline: Quarterly DEF must be transmitted by June 30

The absence of the provision of DEF or, even, the presentation of false, incomplete, incorrect or out of time information subjects the responsible to the fine.
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