Amended rule that creates prevention measures against Covid-19 in the workplace

Amended rule that established measures agains Covid-19.

Payroll exemption is extended to 2023

Law 14,288/2021 establishes the extension of the so-called “payroll exemption” until December 31, 2023, for 17 sectors of the economy.

2022 Minimum Salary

On December 30, 2021, a Provisional Measure was published establishing the national minimum monthly wage as of January 1, 2022.

Electronic PPP implementation is postponed to 2023

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security has postponed the implementation of the electronic Social Security Professiographic Profile (PPP), which would commence in 2022. Because of this change, the implementation is going to take place in 2023.

Federal Revenue Service conducts operation Malha PJ regarding IRPJ and CSLL collections

In this operation of the Tax Audit operation of Legal Entities, the agency analyzed data and cross-referenced the information provided by the legal entity itself and by third parties.

São Paulo City Hall raises ISS for sole-professional companies in 2022 and lowers it for some other sectors

In effect, partnerships of lawyers, auditors, accountants, engineers, physicians, psychologists, and other professionals are going to pay more municipal tax in 2022.

Business environment in Brazil becomes more beneficial to foreign investors

New law that brings improvements to the process of setting up businesses may attract investments.

Financial, Tax and Accounting BPO: 5 outsourcing benefits for companies

Businesses improve management and increase efficiency by investing in financial, tax and accounting BPO solutions.

Deadline for opting for PGBL deduction in the income tax ends on 12/30

Taxpayers have until December 30 to opt fo PGBL or make a contribution.

Central Bank updates the procedure for remitting documents from institutions with branches abroad

The provisions of this Normative Instruction apply to accounting documents prepared as of the base date of January 2022.
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