Discover 7 advantages of online time and attendance management

Online time and attendance control is a tool that facilitates people management, reduces costs and increases corporate efficiency.

OSH – Notice of Occupational Accident and training

Information about Notice of Occupational Accident and training to eSocial.

Accident Prevention Factor (FAP) for 2022 will be released on September 30

The FAF for the year 2022 and the lists of percentiles of frequency, severity and cost will be disclosed.

Occupational safety and health data must be sent to eSocial as from October

Companies from Group 1 must report occupational safety and health (OSH) information to eSocial as of October 13th.

Expatriates: companies can benefit from social security agreements

Social security agreements reduce the costs for companies in labor relocation operations, in addition to bringing benefits to workers.

DCTFWeb submission is postponed for Group 3

Brazilian Federal Revenue Office postponed DCTFWeb's delivery period, which was July 2021, to October 2021.

New changes in eSocial schedule

Ordinance SEPRT/RFB No. 71 changes to the eSocial implementation schedule and splits Group 3 into legal entities and individuals.

International Maritime Labor Convention takes effect

Brazil became a member of the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC), an International Labor Organization Convention.

Legislation determines the distancing of pregnant employees from face-to-face work

The Law 14.151 determining the distancing of pregnant women from face-to-face work during the validity of the public health emergency situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

eSocial: attention to the next steps of the schedule

The eSocial schedule keeps moving forward, bringing new steps in the coming months for employers in Brazil.
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