2022 tax planning: how to optimize business in an uncertain scenario?

Companies should focus on 2022 tax planning considering the situation of their business, their results, and projections.

New groups will be required to send the DCTFWeb from October 2021

Taxpayers who declared social security contributions through GFIP now send the information via the DCTFWeb system.

Tax audit: understand why common mistakes can lead to the identification of even more complex problems

Review of certain points in a tax return may lead the Federal Revenue Office to find other mistakes.

ICMS/RJ: Decrees regulate investment incentive laws in the energy sector

Companies in the segment can register to receive special tax treatment.

Federal Taxes and Contributions – IOF Regulation

Decree No. 10.797 changes the regulation of Tax on Credit, Exchange and Insurance Transactions.

Law that makes opening companies easier and modernizes the business environment is sanctioned

Among the measures is the automatic issuance of permits and licenses.

ISS-RJ Culture Incentive Law: understand the process for supporting sociocultural projects

Companies have the opportunity to promote sociocultural development in the city and, at the same time, strengthen its social responsibility policies.

Brazilian Federal Revenue Office postpones the deadline for submitting the ECF

The submission deadline for ECF concerning 2020, previously set to the end of July, was postponed to September 30, 2021.

Rio de Janeiro’s municipal government now requires the Annual Statement of IPTU Registration Information for individuals and legal entities  

DeCAD is a new way of annually declaring, as from 2021, the registration information about real properties belonging to individuals or legal entities in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Census of Foreign Capital in Brazil: attention to the five-year submission to Bacen

From July 1 to August 16, the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen) receives declarations regarding the Five-Year Census of Foreign Capital in the Country.
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