Changes in validation of electronic invoice (NF-e) in 2018




Changes in validation of electronic invoice (NF-e) in 2018

Is already in place a new rule to fill the fields when issuing the Electronic Invoice (NF-e). For the Electronic Invoice (NF-e) to be validated by the Treasury Department (Sefaz), the EAN (cEAN) and EAN Taxed (cEANTrib) fields must be filled in. Additionally, you will also need to fill in some information in the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number).

The GTIN code is a global identifier for business items, used to track information that covers the entire production process, from raw materials to finished products.

Since 2011 the EAN and EAN Taxed fields have been in place, however, since 01/01/2018 they became mandatory, primarily for the "manufacture of toys and recreational games" area (CNAE group 324). As the schedule was organized by activity codes, the change will reach companies of all levels, big and small companies.

From now on, the Authorization Systems of NF-e will validate the information described in the cEAN and cEANTrib fields, with the Centralized Records of GTIN of the organization legally responsible for the licensing of the respective bar code. NF-e that do not comply will be rejected.


See the mandatory schedule according to the type of activity of the companies:

CNAE group


Start date of validation


Manufacture of toys and recreational games


121 to 122

Industrial processing of tobacco and manufacture of tobacco products


211 to 212

Manufacture of pharmaceutical chemicals  and manufacture of pharmaceuticals


261 to 323

Manufacture of various IT items, electrical materials, furniture etc.


103 to 112

Manufacture of food and beverages in general


011 to 102

Temporary crops, horticulture and floriculture


131 to 142

Manufacture of textiles and other clothing


151 to 209

Manufacture of leather goods, wood, pulp and paper, printing and chemicals, among others


221 to 259

Manufacture of rubber, minerals, metals, and among others


491 to 662

Transportation, accommodation, food, audiovisual, telecommunications, IT, financial, insurance, among others


663 to 872

Others financial services


Other CNAEs group



In addition to the aforementioned codes, there are also recent adjustments to the new CFOP (Fiscal Code of Transactions and Services) in force as of 01/01/2018, segregation of information from the FCP (Fund to Combat Poverty), the conversion of the Taxable Measurement Units in Foreign Trade and creation of new NCM (Mercosur Common Nomenclature).

Adjustment to electronic invoice (NF-e) 4.0

To avoid setbacks and to be able at the time of mandatory (according to the schedule above) it is essential that the migration tests and procedures for the new rule be carried out as soon as possible.

In addition, it should be noted that, in relation to the NF-e layout, companies have specific deadlines to adjust their emissions on a production basis, since the approval environments are available from the tax authorities with reasonable advance.

We request your attention to the rules to be implemented so that the system is fully adequate before shutdown of the previous NF-e model.

Count on good professionals

Always seek the advice of experienced professionals in tune with the reality of your company, and able to handle the complexity of the requirements of the Brazillian Tax Revenue. In addition, it is necessary to have a very close relationship with the responsible accountant, who should assist in all procedures for updating the invoice management system, necessary parameterizations and tests.

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