Electronic PPP implementation is postponed to 2023

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security has postponed the implementation of the electronic Social Security Professiographic Profile (PPP), which would commence in 2022. Because of this change, the implementation is going to take place in 2023.

Federal Revenue Service conducts operation Malha PJ regarding IRPJ and CSLL collections

In this operation of the Tax Audit operation of Legal Entities, the agency analyzed data and cross-referenced the information provided by the legal entity itself and by third parties.

Deadline for opting for PGBL deduction in the income tax ends on 12/30

Taxpayers have until December 30 to opt fo PGBL or make a contribution.

PGFN extends deadline for transaction of FGTS debts until 02/28/2022

It is possible to get a discount of up to 70% on the amounts owed and extend the payment term in up to 144 installments.

Quarterly DEF must be filed until 12/31

This filing refers to the base date of September 30, 2021.

Robotics, Programming and Gamification in Public Schools: DPC multiplies goodwill

Through sponsorship, DPC operates in a value cycle that transforms the reality of children and adolescents through technology and innovation.

Discover 7 advantages of online time and attendance management

Online time and attendance control is a tool that facilitates people management, reduces costs and increases corporate efficiency.

Federal Revenue Office approves data sharing system

The Compartilha Receita Federal will allow individuals and legal entities to authorize sharing of data and information owned by them.

CEPOM or CPOM: understand how the requirement stands in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

STF established that the obligation of registrations such as CEPOM or CPOM is unconstitutional.

Registration inconsistency leads to suspension of CNPJ for companies based abroad

Failure to update the legal representative and lack of information on the final beneficiary led to CNPJ suspension
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