Siscoserv – Recent changes should be  followed

Siscoserv should provide information on transactions between residents or domiciled in Brazil and residents or domiciled abroad including services, intangibles and other operations that produce changes in individuals, legal entities or depersonalized entities equity. For more details about Siscoserv, we have a summary here.

Balance Sheet for Offshore Companies – Why is It So Important?

<h1>Balance Sheet for Offshore Companies – Why is It So Important?</h1> <br /> <p>For several years, the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) has been stepped up […]

Withholding Income Tax – Dirf 2019

Approves the Generator Program of the Withholding Income Tax Statement (PGD Dirf 2019), which should be used in the preparation and filing of Dirf for 2018 and special situations occurred in 2019.

Siscoserv – Amendment of Annexes I and II of the NBS and the NEBS version 2.0

<h1>Siscoserv – Amendment of Annexes I and II of the NBS and the NEBS version 2.0 </h1> <br /> <p><a href=”http://www.in.gov.br/materia/-/asset_publisher/Kujrw0TZC2Mb/content/id/56129065/do1-2018-12-20-portaria-conjunta-n-2-000-de-18-de-dezembro-de-2018-56128787″>RFB/SCS Joint Ordinance 2000, of Dec-18-2018 […]

Civil Code – Limited Partnership

Modifies the Civil Code the issues related to the quorum for deliberation in the scope of limited companies in the administration and resolution of the limited company in relation to member minority shareholders.

IRPF 2019: Time to start organizing

The deadline to file the 2019 Individual’s Income Tax Return has not been established, but, as in all years, the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) must open the period to receive the statements on March 1, ending on April 30. From this year, the CPF of dependents must be informed in the declaration.

Bank of hours: what changed with the labor reform and eSocial

It is time to provide information regarding all employee payments, as well as informational events, including the bank of hours that has been changed in the labor reform and needs special attention at this stage of eSocial implementation.

Gol de Letrinhas: DPC supports educational project that results in publication of a book

The DPC's support to the organization, as well as other sponsors, gave origin to the book, which raises issues in 2018 such as prejudice and diversity.

DPC participates in the Portuguese Chamber members’ meeting

Domingues e Pinho Contadores was present at the 2018 closing cocktail promoted by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rio de Janeiro.

Deadline to take advantage of PGBL tax benefit in IR Statement is approaching

The PGBL pension plan (Free Generating Benefit Plan), which allows reduce in up to 12% from annual gross revenue in Income Tax (IR), is recommended for those who make the Statement of Annual Income Tax Adjustment (DAA) in the complete model.
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