Digital certificate: resource gains more importance in times of pandemic

In an increasingly technological world, it becomes necessary to create ways to ensure personal or business identity electronically.


Digital certificate: resource gains more importance in times of pandemic

In an increasingly technological world, it becomes necessary to create ways to ensure personal or business identity electronically. This is where the digital certificate comes in, a mechanism that allows processes and transactions to be “signed” and forwarded over the internet with due security and legal validity.

Precisely because it replaces the obligation to sign documents in person, this tool gains even more importance in a period like the current one, when, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the flow of online data has been prioritized by companies and citizens.

The digital certificate makes it possible to validate various formal processes with public agents and financial institutions for remote transactions, giving the necessary reliability to these actions performed remotely.

What is the digital certificate?

In a simplified way, it can be said that it is the digital identification of the natural or legal person with the purpose of proving that identity in a digital environment. This is done very securely from an encrypted mechanism.

Thus, the digital certificate acts as an electronic file that carries information that identifies its holder. Its content includes a serial number and data such as the name of the holder, the digital signature of the certifying authority, the expiration date of the certificate, among others. The transaction only takes place if the certificate is recognized as valid by the recipient.

The issuance of digital certificates in the country is made possible by the Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure - ICP-Brasil, created and regulated by the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI).

Types of digital certificate

The most commonly used types are:

- A1: It is stored on the applicant's computer and is valid for one year. Can be purchased by download.

- A3: It is stored in a cryptographic card or token, and can be valid for up to five years. You must purchase the storage device.

In both cases, it is only possible to use it to sign digitally while the certificate is expiring. The mechanism needs to be revalidated whenever this period expires.

How to obtain a digital certificate

The individual or legal entity should look for an accredited company to issue a digital certificate or, for greater agility and convenience, a company that assists them in this process.

Most common models of digital certificates

The digital certificate can be used in several situations, such as: delivery of accounting and tax declarations, electronic petitions, issuance of Electronic Invoice (NF-e), contract signatures, opening bank accounts, delivery of the income tax return, among others.

The most commonly used models are:

    • e-CPF: Certified for individuals.

    • e-CNPJ: Certificate for legal entities.

    • NF-e: Certificate for issuing electronic invoices.

Benefits of digital certification for companies

At a time when many companies were forced to migrate to remote operations, the movement to optimize digital processes has intensified. As a result, online transactions with different agencies, in which a signature is required for confirmation, have also been widely used.

The digital signature can contribute in several ways to the business. Its application makes official authorizations more agile, which can be intensified by the automation of related processes. With demands met more quickly, the level of productivity increases.

The guarantee of security is another fundamental aspect when considering the traffic of information and authorizations in the virtual environment, since the certificate minimizes the risk of fraudulent actions in operations that require its use.

Among the benefits of using, the digital certificate for companies can be pointed out:

  • Expansion of the security of operations in which authorization for its execution is required;
  • More agility in operational procedures for forwarding official documents to government agencies, for example;
  • More practicality with reducing the bureaucracy of processes;
  • Economy with paper printing and recognition of firms in notary offices;
  • Reduction of costs that the payment of signatures may entail;
  • Increased productivity of the teams involved with the authorization processes.

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Use of digital certificate by individuals at DIRPF

The digital certificate allows the individual taxpayer to access a draft of the income tax return with the information already contained in the Brazilian Revenue Department (IRS), a way to avoid divergence of the data.

It is worth mentioning that the use of the digital certificate in the Individual Income Tax Declaration (DIRPF) is mandatory when the taxpayer:

• Received income:

a) Taxable subject to annual adjustment, the sum of which was greater than R$ 5 million;

b) Exempt and non-taxable, the sum of which was greater than R$ 5 million;

c) Taxed exclusively at source, the sum of which was greater than R$ 5 million; or

• Made income payments to legal entities, when they constitute a deduction in the declaration, or to individuals, when they constitute or not a deduction in the declaration, the sum of which was more than R$ 5 million, in each case or in total.

In addition, some consultations and services available on the internet are carried out only through digital certification, such as:

    • Change of address in the CPF

    • Option for Electronic Tax Domicile – DTE

    • Consult the criteria for failure to submit declarations

    • Get copy of DIRPF

    • Get pre-filled DIRPF

    • Consult income reported by paying sources

    • Check the DIRF processing extract

Support for obtaining and renewing digital certification

Domingues e Pinho Contadores assists individuals and companies in obtaining or renewing an e-CNPJ, e-CPF or e-NF-e digital certificate. This service is performed by a specialized team, according to the specific demands of the client and the purpose of use.

Acquisition and renewal are done in an agile and assertive manner with a certified Certification Authority, guaranteeing the customer's comfort and, mainly, the security and legal validity of the digital signature device.

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