Discover 7 advantages of online time and attendance management

Online time and attendance control is a tool that facilitates people management, reduces costs and increases corporate efficiency.


Discover 7 advantages of online time and attendance management

Online time and attendance control is a tool that facilitates people management, reduces costs and increases corporate efficiency

Technological solutions have become indispensable allies for managing teams, both in face-to-face work and in teleworking or remote work. Among so many resources available today, online time and attendance is a tool that adds agility and efficiency to the corporate routine.

Check out 7 advantages of the online time and attendance solution that DPC uses and deploys in companies that want to optimize people management.

1. Mobility

Employees may clock in and clock out from anywhere, using a browser or mobile application. The service indicates the time, date, and place where the employee is, through the geolocation feature.

This is a great solution for effectively managing external teams.

2. Autonomy

The employee has access to his/her working hours information. Whenever you need, you can open the system to check time records, the monthly balance of hours worked or the total comp time.

3. Cost reduction

With online time and attendance management, the company eliminates the cost of maintaining mechanical clocks. In addition, this obsolete equipment makes it difficult for the employee and manager to keep track of monthly records.

It is worth remembering, for example, that overtime is among the main causes for lawsuits in labor courts. Thus, suppressing any excesses as soon as they occur is a way to avoid future problems and expenses.

Having a modern time and attendance system brings an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

4. Greater transparency in the time recording process

With online control, employees can access their time records and check all their data in real time.

As soon as you clock in, for example, the time is instantly available on the portal. The manager can also monitor this efficiently.

This contributes to establishing a more transparent relationship between the parties.

5. Management control

The manager accesses a panel with information from the records on his computer or mobile phone, so that he can identify employees with overtime, delays or absences. This makes it easier to see the big picture, allowing better planning of the team's demands.

6. Integration with payroll

The working hours control also works for pointing out the need for overtime discounts or additions to the payroll. With this integration between processes, risks are mitigated, contributing to the operational efficiency of the personnel department routine.

7. Optimization of people management

With this tool, the people management area is more available to focus on acquiring and retaining talents, as well as helping the company with its more strategic demands.

Online time and attendance: what does the labor law say about it?

The advantages are very clear, but a question that may arise is: is online time and attendance management in line with labor legislation?

Yes. This solution can be adopted, if the reference legislation is respected.

Recently published, Ordinance/MTP No. 671, of November 8, 2021, brought more specific rules on electronic working hours control, replacing Ordinance MTE No. 373/2011.

The rule defines, among other points, that the system used must faithfully record time and attendance, not allowing actions such as:

  • time restriction on time and attendance registration;
  • automatic time registration;
  • requirement, by the system, of prior authorization to record overtime;
  • existence of a device that allows changing data registered by employees.

Specialized support for time and attendance

DPC has a support team for implementing systems that help companies adopt the online time and attendance tool integrated into their payroll.

Implementing this solution with DPC experts' support ensures that companies use a practical and modern technological resource, with the security of acting in compliance with labor legislation.

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