DPC completes 35 years and enters a new digital transformation and expansion era



DPC completes 35 years and enters a new digital transformation and expansion era

April is a celebration month at Domingues e Pinho Contadores as the company completes 35 years of foundation. The company remains optimistic about its extension projects, with the expansion of the paulistana unit and the teams, both in Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo, increasing in 25% the clients’ service infrastructure.

Always seeking solutions that add more safety and efficiency to its processes, DPC has been investing in the technology area by acquiring new equipment, systems, and innovative technologies, such as robotization.

These are just a few of the signs that Domingues e Pinho Contadores is constantly evolving and is heading for a new stage in its trajectory.


The DPC’s CEO, Manuel Domingues e Pinho, inaugurated the company on April 2, 1984. Along with nine employees and some clients in the portfolio, he began a successful journey that, over the years, based on ethics and quality, has reached the trust of hundreds of clients, market, and even, the respect from competition. The Company assisted various multinationals to implement its business in Brazil in the most diverse segments, such as oil and gas, mining, energy, insurance and telecommunications.


Domingues e Pinho has faced the crises of the last decades, always believing in Brazil and Brazilians. Therefore, when celebrating its 35 years, the company expands its specialist’s team in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and incorporates new spaces to the São Paulo headquarters, which now has 785 m². There are more than 500 employees in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to make up a multidisciplinary team ready for the challenges of new achievements to come.


Being connected to the most modern technology to the business has always been the highlight of Domingues e Pinho, which constantly seeks the best practices in the market and internally with its IT and the Process Office teams to guarantee quality in services, better performance of its specialists and safety in operations.

Social responsibility

This year, aware of its role in society, DPC implemented the DPC Transforma, its socio-environmental responsibility program. It has embraced social and cultural projects that make a difference in the lives of hundreds of young people and families and cooperates with the creative economy of Rio de Janeiro. Learn more at: www.dpc.com.br/dpc-apoia

This is how DPC has been transforming itself along the years. According to Manuel Domingues, the company plays, with its employees, a role of great responsibility in society and the economy. "We have consolidated ourselves in the market based on ethics, honesty, quality, and respect. We conquer our space by daily spreading our values, offering the best to our teams bring our best to our clients," says Manuel Domingues e Pinho.

Today, at the age of three and a half decades, the feeling is one of gratitude and optimism.

The DPC thanks every employee, who has bet on the company to invest in his career; to the clients, who give us the honor of their trust; and the partners, who stand alongside with us on this trajectory.

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