DPC helps NTS in the challenges of implementing a new software

Company operating with pipeline transportation of natural gas receives support from DPC in the transition to a new ERP and tax management software.


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DPC helps NTS in the challenges of implementing a new software

Customised projects for specific demands. This has been one of DPC's labels, since it always puts itself side by side with the client to better understand its business current situation, the challenges it faces, its operation needs and strategic goals, in order to deliver even more valuable solutions.

NTS (Nova Transportadora do Sudeste S/A), a company that transports natural gas through a gas pipeline system, planned a change for an ERP that could cover all the company operations, including backoffice, integrating its flows and processes.

This movement also created the need for finding a tax management software in the market to operate considering the specific tax aspects of the pipeline transportation sector.

By providing personalized assistance, DPC showed flexibility to work with different ERPs and tax management softwares, offering a quick answer, supported by its expertise and aligned to the client's expectations.

See below the challenges and results of the case:

Context / Challenge

Faced with a context of growth, NTS identified the need for changing to a new ERP, moment in which DPC, once more, was ready to support the client and actively participate in the process, to ensure compliance with tax obligations.

NTS then contacted DPC to help implement a complementary solution, aside from the routine services, that could ensure compliance with legal requirements, considering the tax aspects that are particular to the gas pipeline transportation sector. The software needed to help managa and calculate taxes, issue tax invoices and monitor obligations.

DPC solutions

DPC acted in close cooperation with the company, accompanying the client in the meetings for selecting a tax solution integrated to the ERP.

DPC's technology team participated in these meetings to enable the system implementation and supported the client in validating integration tools in the invoicing process.

The tax team at DPC participated on the execution of tests and ratifications together with the ERP system consultant. In the process, a DPC expert was exclusively dedicated to assisting the client.

DPC took on an important role in validating system corrections and implementations, contributing to the project with its tax expertise and showing flexibility and adaptability to apply this knowledge in the execution of a new solution.

Results for the client

This dedication and monitoring helped the client achieve a system implementation supported by technical excellence in tax matters, in complementation to the scope under responsibility of the ERP consulting team.

The specialized support brought security to the client in the transition and implementation stages, as well as in day-to-day operations.

Throughout the whole process, the client showed trust in DPC, expressing satisfaction with the partnership and quality of deliveries. The assistance ensured that NTS could keep tax compliance during every stage, without interrupting the fulfillment of routine obligations.

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