DPC invests in leadership development


DPC invests in leadership development

In partnership with SISEN and Dom Cabral Foundation, considered the best business school in Latin America by the Financial Times magazine, Domingues e Pinho Contadores (DPC) established the "Leaders Development Program" (Programa de Desenvolvimento de Líderes - "PDL", in portuguese), whose goal was to allow that, through self-knowledge, their managers were encouraged to a better exploration of their respective teams' potential, enhancing their ability to meet the results.

During five months, the managers from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo offices accessed topics, such as self-knowledge, conflict management and decision-making, time management, negotiation, communication and feedback, and effective meetings. DPC’s HR Manager, Raquel Dilkin, highlighted the main PDL moments. "There were six (6) intense modules with topics of extreme relevance in a leader daily life. It was extremely gratifying for me being able to follow the development of this group, which leaves with a very rich range of content and experience in what we have the best company in the market, Fundação Dom Cabral" she highlighted.

Alice Fingolo, SISEN's Operations and Relationship Coordinator, said initiatives such as PDL made employees more and more engaged and encouraged to meet their goals. "We at SISEN believe this program has added great value to the participants and we hope this partnership between SISEN, Fundação Dom Cabral and DPC might have contributed to disseminate even more knowledge to participants and their teams," she added.

DPC's departments are already observing result from all knowledge gained in PDL in their daily routine, especially on creating customized and efficient solutions to their clientes. Faced with an increasingly competitive market and with the constant advancement of management practices, DPC believes that developing its leaders is the pillar to remain as a benchmark in its market.

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