DPC joins Gerando Falcões in the #CORONANOPAREDÃO #FOMENÃO campaign

Dpc and its employees join the project, bringing hope to the hungry, during this crisis intensified by the pandemic.


DPC joins Gerando Falcões in the #CORONANOPAREDÃO #FOMENÃO campaign

DPC and its employees join the project, bringing hope to the hungry

During this crisis caused by the pandemic, social inequality and hunger have escalated. Currently, hunger affects 19.1 million of Brazilians. Motivated by this harsh reality in the country, Domingues e Pinho Contadores has united with Gerando Falcões in the Corona no Paredão, Fome não! campaign.

The social organization promotes the actions and acts as a bridge, directing the donations of digital basic food baskets to families suffering from hunger. The distribution is carried out by 360 registered institutions in favelas and communities all over the country (26 states and the Federal District).

In practice, the donated amounts are converted in cards that can be used to buy food and hygiene products. This also benefits local economy, since families shop in small businesses nearby.

To join efforts in supporting this cause, DPC is promoting an internal fund-raising campaign. The company's more than 500 employees and partners were invited to donate digital food baskets through an exclusive and personalized page on the NGO's website. The action is a DPC Transforma innitiative, Domingues e Pinho's program focused on social and environmental responsibility.

"At DPC, we are constantly thinking about the impact we have on our clients, our professionals and the community. At this moment of prolonged pandemic and decrease in donations, we believe our duty as players in the job market, in which family companies like ours are responsible for 75% of jobs in Brazil, is firstly to secure jobs, but also to mobilize our teams to help society. DPC, as an institution, has also embarked in the campaign. Therefore, for every 10 baskets donated by our employees, the company will also donate 1 basket"

explains Sônia Romeiro, Talent partner and director at DPC.

The campaign promoted by DPC is internal and has its own website link for calculating the employees' donations, which are directly sent to Gerando Falcões. Companies or individuals who also want to contribute to the campaign may access Gerando Falcoes' website: www.gerandofalcoes.com/coronanoparedao

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