DPC releases eSocial video series



DPC releases eSocial video series

ESocial is already a reality for a good portion of companies in the country, but continues to generate specific doubts about certain issues. Thus, the specialist Leonardo Bezerra, manager of the Labor and Social Security areas of Domingues e Pinho Contadores, clarifies the main doubts and difficulties of companies in a series of four videos.

In the first video about eSocial, Leonardo Bezerra clarifies what this new obligation is about and the groups and phases of the deployment schedule. Click here to watch.

In the second video, Leonardo Bezerra discusses how the hiring and termination of employment relationship processes, highlighting the need for the cadastral qualification process in hiring and the specific events related to termination. Click here to watch.

The third video in the series features information about event S-2230, which records all temporary sick leaves. In the video, the manager clarifies which of them should be reported to eSocial and which information should be provided. Click here to watch.

In the last video on eSocial series, Leonardo Bezerra explains the legal aspects raised by the labor reform regarding the bank of hours and also the practical aspects of eSocial. Click here to watch.

DPC counts on specialized professionals to assist your company in the process of adaptation to eSocial or even in the review of records and statements, as well as the punctual or periodic reporting of events.

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