DPC resumes face-to-face activities adopting measures to preserve health

Domingues e Pinho Contadores begins the gradual return of activities at its offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo on August 10, 2020.



DPC resumes face-to-face activities adopting measures to preserve health

Domingues e Pinho Contadores begins the gradual return of activities at its offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo on August 10, 2020. The return was planned to take place safely, with the adoption of a series of measures to preserve the health of employees.

The action is based on the rules and recommendations of the health agencies and the authorities that regulate the functioning of the establishments installed in these locations.

“We dedicate efforts and resources to provide a safe environment for our teams in this return,” said Manuel Domingues e Pinho, DPC's President.

As soon as the pandemic became a reality, DPC immediately moved its 550 employees to remote activity, providing all the support for maintaining deliveries and excellence in customer service.

Investments over the past few years in technological infrastructure, software, process automation and information security proved to be right, as they ensured that the work could continue to be carried out remotely, without impact on quality and deadlines.

Recent customer care action with 20 clients, in which these DPC advisors were consulted, proved this. Everyone pointed out that the usual level of excellence was preserved during the home office.

Return in three phases

Now, with the gradual resumption, about 40% of the workforce will return to work in person. The other employees will remain in the home office regime until a new stage for return has the date set. According to the planning, there are three phases until normality is established.

The hiring of a Health and Safety at Work advisory was essential to guide the actions, ensuring the adequacy of DPC to the standards defined by Organs competent institutionos. Based on these guidelines, DPC Return Guide was prepared, clarifying rules and protocols for employees.

In this first phase, the internal environment was adapted to receive and accommodate staff. Sanitization, layout changes to allow the minimum necessary distance and installation of sanitation points are among the measures.

See some actions taken by DPC:

  • Gradual return of the occupation of the office.
  • Maintenance of risk groups in home office.
  • Sanitization of environments by a specialized company.
  • Supply of kits with masks and alcohol gel for all employees.
  • Temperature measurement when accessing offices.
  • Installation of disinfection points with alcohol gel at the entrance and internal environments.
  • Intensification of cleaning measures with increased frequency and use of hospital disinfection material.
  • Spacing between workstations for social distance.
  • Opening windows to increase natural ventilation.
  • Use of software for communication between teams to avoid sharing phones.
  • Restriction of receiving visitors and face-to-face meetings.
  • Protocol definition for contacting, suspicious and confirmed cases with monitoring by the OSH company.
  • Continuous guidance and prevention campaigns.

All measures taken are based on the guidelines of the health authorities and reinforce DPC's commitment to employees, family members, customers and society in general.

DPC moved on

"This pandemic brought many challenges, but we show that we are able to reinvent ourselves quickly when the scenario imposes changes", commented Pinho. DPC President considers the company's response to changes to be positive, both from the technological point of view and from the adaptation of teams to remote operations, demonstrating flexibility, commitment and engagement.

Throughout the home office period, DPC remained fully active, developing new management projects, improving services and meeting new customer demands motivated by the scenario itself (such as labor issues).

The high workflow has enabled recruitment and selection processes to remain active. Aware of the importance of technical excellence, DPC maintained the pace of internal training, which also adapted to new times, going online.

Communication on the return

With a view to the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners, virtual media will continue to be prioritized. We will maintain the use of corporate tools for communication between the internal public and also for virtual meetings with customers and other external agents.

A new normal is in sight, demanding resilience and creativity from everyone. DPC remains committed to providing an excellent service and remains committed to guaranteeing the best conditions to preserve the health of its employees and customers.

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