DPC supports 3R Petroleum in M&A and IPO

DPC supporte 3R Petroleum in M&A and IPO preparing the accounting records and balance sheets required for the company's qualification with the CVM.


DPC supports 3R Petroleum in M&A and IPO

Preparation phase for the initial public offering supported by DPC

On November 12, 3R Petroleum, a company in the oil and gas market that explores mature oil and gas fields on land and in shallow waters, recently made its first appearance on the stock exchange. The IPO (Initial Public Offering) process was supported by DPC, which prepared the accounting records and balance sheets required for the company's qualification with the CVM.

“The preparatory phase for going public includes a series of stages, bringing together agents of different expertise in the assessment of the scenario. DPC, in turn, acts surveying and executing in the accounting, financial and tax areas, which are essential to compose the final result”, comments Luciana Uchôa, DPC’s director.

Trading shares on the stock exchange is a movement that generates enormous transformation for the business. 3R Petroleum, by this initiative, wants to move from the operation of mature oil fields to the consolidator of the segment. Currently, the company has 100% of the concession rights for seven fields in Brazil, and already reveals its intention to expand its operations to other countries in Latin America.

This IPO marks the return of the oil and gas sector to the stock exchange, which did not register a public offering for companies in this segment in the Brazilian stock market for 10 years. The initial public offering turned BRL 690 million, which will be used to acquire new oil fields, pay for acquisitions and strengthen cash.

3R Petroleum emerged from the union of the 3R companies and Ouro Preto Óleo e Gás. The merger also counted with the involvement of DPC, reinforcing its performance in M&A processes.

DPC was already providing services to Ouro Preto since the foundation of the oil company, in 2010, and will remain supporting the group in its Accounting, Taxes and Personnel Department routine.

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