DPC supports cultural project that takes young people to Harvard


DPC supports cultural project that takes young people to Harvard

TACK 4 stimulates transformation through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, topics that connect to DPC

TACK 4, a journey that combines education, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, will take young people from public schools in Rio to the Brazil Conference at Harvard University, in Boston, in 2022.

The trip to attend the event at the renowned institution is part of the award earned by the TACK Challenge's winning team. DPC sponsors and supports the project, and even has a representative of the company among the judges.

In this challenge, students are called to develop an innovative project using technological tools that promote culture and education. The best ideas are taken to the next stages, until the most innovative one, according to the judges, is elected the big winner. In total, five selection processes are held including 300 young participants, from September to November.

Marcelo Gomez, DPC's financial and operational director, represented the company as a judge in the first selection.

“I was really impressed with the students' commitment and performance in developing their work and supporting their ideas. The construction of this program adds a lot to young people by showing that with method, dedication and creativity, it is possible to achieve innovative and viable solutions”, commented Gomez.

Check out a summary of the first selection:

The challenge follows the methodology of the Innovation Camp program, by the Junior Achievement NGO – the largest youth entrepreneurship organization in the world. During the process, students learn about Design Thinking and Agile Methods and are also supported by a mentor that helps them develop the project.

The grand finale takes place at the TACK Festival, which will be held on November 23, 24 and 25. The event also features panels with relevant topics related to culture, technology, entrepreneurship and sustainability through the project's digital channels.

Luciana Arakaki, Communication and Marketing leader at DPC, explains that these initiatives bring together premises that relate to the pillars of DPC Transforma, the company's socio-environmental responsibility program, and to the business moment itself.

“The corporate decision to support them is related to the proposal for transformation based on education and technology. In addition, innovation is a very present topic in DPC's routine, which has been strengthening its innovative practices with investments and targeted actions.”

For more information about the project, visit: www.tackfestival.com

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DPC's support for the project is carried out through the Municipal Culture Incentive Law of Rio de Janeiro (ISS-RJ Law). Besides having many years of experience in supporting actions through this law, DPC assists companies in the operational procedures and selection of projects that meet the corporate goals of each business. Count on this support: dpc@dpc.com.br.

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