DPC supports edition of the book “Gol de Letrinhas”, publication of Fundação Gol de Letra

Publication is the annual result of a project by the Fundação Gol de Letra, an institution supported by the DPC.


DPC supports edition of the book “Gol de Letrinhas”, publication of Fundação Gol de Letra

Domingues e Pinho Contadores supports via Municipal Tax Incentive Law of Rio de Janeiro, for the second consecutive year, the publication of the book “Gol de Letrinhas”, the annual result of an educational project of the Fundação Gol de Letra.

This book, which reaches its 12th edition, gathers texts and drawings by children and teenagers assisted by the institution. This time, the theme is “Women who inspire in Caju”, a tribute to the female figures of this community who are references of strength and courage for students: mothers, sisters, grandparents, educators, etc.

Beatriz Pantaleão, Executive Director of Gol de Letra, explains that the purpose of this edition is to analyze women's rights and duties, women's empowerment over the years and to foster ideas of equality.

More specifically, DPC contributes to the maintenance of the Caju Community Library project. In this space, reading, writing, arts and games workshops for children, teenagers and adults are promoted, creating a safe space for socializing, learning and access to culture, supporting actions to combat high levels of illiteracy and school failure, already developed in schools. The beneficiaries participate in a series of educational and cultural activities at the entity throughout the year and the book is one of the ways to materialize the fruits of this work.

In addition to Caju, in Rio de Janeiro, Fundação Gol de Letra also operates in Vila Albertina, in São Paulo, with the objective of transforming the reality of children and teenagers through sport and education, creating an enabling environment for a future of more opportunities.

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