DPC supports projects related to digital culture, innovation, and entrepreneurship


DPC supports projects related to digital culture, innovation, and entrepreneurship

Domingues e Pinho Contadores initiates, in 2021, a new cycle of support to projects through the Municipal Law of Incentive to Culture. In this year, partnerships were signed with entities that develop actions related to digital culture, innovation and entrepreneurship, themes in line with the corporate strategies and the pillars of DPC Transforma, a socio-environmental responsibility program.

Discover the pillars of DPC Transforma:

The Municipal Law of Incentive to Culture provides that taxpaying legal entities can support cultural projects, allocating up to 20% of the ISS due to the municipality to them.

DPC sponsors projects in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, cities where it has offices. Support to these initiatives reinforces the DPC's objective of increasingly engaging in relevant causes and catalysts for transformation, generating impacts on society.

"Promoting new means of access to culture, particularly in this challenging economic scenario, is a way to really contribute to the development of the locations where we operate, reinforcing our social commitment and corporate citizenship," says Karine Lammel, Customer Care leader at DPC.

Karine explains that, this year, part of the initiatives selected by the company are aimed at creating opportunities for young people to think outside the box, develop the entrepreneurial vocation and see technology as a path for transformation.

Check out the projects supported by DPC:

The initiatives unite art, culture, innovation, and technology. With free entrance, the festival promotes social and digital inclusion, attracting children, youth, and adults.

Digital Culture Festival and Artificial Intelligence Exhibition (HackTudo - Festival de Cultura Digital e Exposição sobre Inteligência Artificial)

Producer: Araucária Agência Cultural

HackTudo is a mega festival focused on the culture of innovation and technology, with knowledge and technological entertainment attractions such as hackathons, conferences, exhibitions, drone racing, robot battles, arena maker, and workshops. With free entrance, the festival has been promoting social and digital inclusion since 2017, attracting an average of 20,000 children, young people, and adults in each edition.

The exhibition Inteligência Artificial (Artificial Intelligence) is part of the festival's program. The theme is one of the most important phenomena of the 21st Century, which will promote transformations that will shape the future and impact humanity's social and economic experiences.

Multiply the Good (Multiplique o Bem)

Producer: Criape

The proposal is to promote a more attractive and interactive teaching, motivating the permanence of young people in school. The project predicts the implementation of robotics, programming, and animation workshops in public schools for 250 students, training of 200 teachers and an annual competition, involving 50 projects.

Tack Festival + Desafio Tack (Tack Festival + Desafio Tack)

Producer: ID Cultural

In the Desafio Tack, more than 250 young people from 20 public schools are invited to develop an innovative solution with technological tools to promote cultural projects in needy communities.

The festival is held in the Parque Lage or online, on a day dedicated to innovative workshops and activities, with the presentation of the winning team of the challenge.

Five senses (Cinco Sentidos)

Producer: Cia. De Ideias

The interactive theater presentation explores environments designed to promote sensory experience, generating reflections, and working on aspects such as empathy, listening and perception.

Every Tuesday Has Work, There Is Also Theater (Toda Terça Tem Trabalho, Tem Também Teatro)

Producer: Zózima Trupe

The troupe will promote 12 artistic interventions on buses located at the Parque Dom Pedro II Terminal, in São Paulo, with the objective of democratizing access to art, reaching the public of workers/passengers. The program will run for 3 months throughout 2021, with performances on Tuesdays.

Assisting your company to support the culture

In addition to its role as an incentivizer taxpayer, DPC assists companies in registering for project support in the City of Rio de Janeiro. The support also includes, during the execution year, the direction for the allocation of ISS resources.

This assistance ensures that the incentive is used and that the corporate brand is strengthened by this socially responsible action with effective benefits for the community.

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