Innovate or innovate: pandemic drives digital transformation of companies

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Innovate or innovate: pandemic drives digital transformation of companies


Investing in technology and reassessment of process are essential for business management in the current scenario

 By William Pinho

The Covid-19 pandemic arrived imposing new social rules, space organization, adjustments in the work places and communication forms, accelerating the movement of digital transformation of the companies.

It is worth noting that digital transformation is not limited to investments in technological devices and advanced software, but a broader issue, a journey that involves profound changes in the company’s culture and processes.

The ability of the businesses to react to the new scenario has been suddenly tested. Those who have invested in technology, training and training their teams in recent times have adapted better to the moment. This was the case of DPC, which, at the beginning of the pandemic, successfully implemented the work from home for its 550 employees in Rio and São Paulo.

As the company already had modern communication and data sharing tools, information security mechanisms and operational software, the migration to remote work took place quickly, orderly and efficiently.

The support of the internal team of technology, which works in the development of processes and systems, optimizations and service to internal and external users, was also fundamental. This is another important detail for the continuity of work with no influence on quality and deadlines.

It is undeniable that the period has brought numerous challenges to the management of the business. However, on the other hand, the scenario was also opportune so that technological demands that were already on the agenda were anticipated.

Rethinking processes paves the way for innovation

Promoting a culture of innovation, integrating areas, sharing knowledge, reviewing processes, seeking new alternatives, opportunities and services are answers to the new requirements.

At DPC, the creation of the Products & Innovation area came to centralize innovative actions that represent opportunities for solutions and improvements in the customer experience, showing the market that the company offers products with technological bias.

This new area unified four departments that worked with technology. Its creation was already being planned and matured, but it was consolidated during the period the involved teams were working from home, which, faced with so many demands, they have already been working on a series of projects.

This team becomes to play in the development of technological solutions offering systemic consulting, from diagnosis, implementation, and parameterization to its approval. The team also develops automated spreadsheets in place of repetitive or manual activities.


Less paper, more digital


Among so many changes, the pandemic has also imposed a need for the documents flow to be exclusively by digital means. This was a method to reduce paper handling, the people circulating and the exposure to the risk of coronavirus infection.

What was already a good practice that had been gradually incorporated became a rule in many companies from one moment to another. In fact, this is very positive and follows the market trend towards data protection.

The information circulating at an increasingly fast pace in digital media, it is utmost to think of ways to ensure control and secrecy, establishing robust data security policies. That is a current matter of survival.

DPC had already started the digital files receiving and handling process. As the pandemic emerged, this initiative increased in strength and was incorporated into the routine for all clients.

Nowadays, this process is fully digital, for environmental, information security, traceability, efficiency, and optimization of physical space reasons.

Technology makes communication work

Virtual communication tools that were already there had their use intensified in view of the need for the daily exchange of information between employees, meetings with suppliers and clients in digital environment.

As the in-person contact was prevented, the use of technology for communication between people conquered a definitive space. At DPC, the results have been very positive so far.


In fact, the company already had an online solution for collaboration and communication amongst the teams. With the sudden migration to work from home, the use of this platform was expanded, which was essential to enable the leaders to keep their teams in agreement with the tasks and deadlines.


Tools to remotely support the people management

With the working from home period, the challenge of engaging the team, promoting training, selecting and integrating new employees also arose, all from a distance. Adjustments in how to conduct these processes were necessary, producing more creativity and interactivity in virtual presentations.


During the isolation phase, the DPC’s HR area, for example, used the technological resources to release people management programs, promote actions and campaigns. Recruitment, selection, training, and development activities were maintained.

Informing employees about the company's steps and on the measures adopted for the preservation of health, by technological means, was the path that DPC has chosen to act transparently with this public. Live events were held with all employees to keep the group together and cohesive.


Ready for challenges

Many businesses begin to migrate to a hybrid system: part of the team working in the physical facilities and part of the team still working from home or adopting scale system. That is, it continues and will continue to be necessary to integrate and connect people through technological resources.

The scenario tends to be more and more challenging for companies. Technology and innovation will be decisive. Those who have at heart the courage to rethink their processes and change the way they act will be at the leading edge and ready for the challenges of tomorrow.


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