New Quality Assurance initiative promotes a satisfaction survey as a channel for improving DPC’s processes

New Quality Assurance initiative promotes a satisfaction survey as a channel for improving DPC's processes

The survey will be conducted annually by DPC to enhance solutions offered to clients

During June and July, DPc's new Quality Assurance initiative promoted a satisfaction survey to check the perception regarding the quality of services and deliveries. This channel brings DPC even closer to the client, showing the desire to go beyond and deliver ever more value.

This initiative is connected to the recent changes implemented in the company through the Kinesis project, which is mainly aimed at customer centricity.

"The annual satisfaction survey is another way to listen to our clients and, from that, identify improvement opportunities and offer solutions that better meet their expectations and business strategies".

Karine believes the Quality Assurance initiative is an important milestone for DPC, because it adds to the Kinesis project with measures aimed at ensuring quality of services.

In this direction, the first step was the satisfaction survey, which will be conducted annually, together with some contacts. Through a simple questionnaire, this methodology allows DPC to be closer to the client, offering another efficient communication channel.

"Our clients have contributed in a valuable way, bringing their impressions, valuing our strengths and pointing out improvement opportunities and even insights to new projects we may develop together", added the leader in Customer Care.

Customer care: eyes turned to the client

By aiming to forge a closer and stronger relationship with the client, the Customer Care area was created around a year ago, acting in a way that complements operational and routine services and bringing attention to the client, its goals, and particular needs. Its main purpose is to find customizable solutions that help the client in its business growth and development.

Keep following the Kinesis section and stay on top of the new features for the next months. There is much more to come!

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