Ready for the future, DPC completes 37 years

Domingues e Pinho Contadores has completed 37 years dedicated to offering the market valuable solutions in accounting outsourcing and business management. Read the release.

Covid-19: Technical Note clarifies about the occupational health and safety measures

The Technical Note provides additional guidance to employers concerning the risk of contamination by coronavirus at the work environment.

Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and Ordinary General Meeting for accounts approval: the deadline is on April 30

Since most companies adopt a period that coincide with the fiscal year-end, the deadline for the Annual Shareholders' Meeting or Annual General Meeting is April 30.

Starting a business: strategic decisions impact the business since the foundation phase

Start-up stage involves decisions that must be based on efficient planning.

STF decision on the ISS taxation instead of ICMS for software brings new perspectives for the technology sector

The measure represents a tax reduction and simplification for licensing or rights to use software.

Period for health permit 2021 in the city of Rio de Janeiro ends on April 30

The permit is mandatory for the operation of the establishment.

Online time and attendance control: mobility for employees and easiness for the management

Online time and attendance control is a modern solution and in line with labor standards. It is essential that businesses act in line with this evolution and follow market trends.

Booklets of Siscomex Drawback Suspension and Exemption

It approves the 1st Edition of the Siscomex Drawback Suspension and Exemption Manuals.

Opportunity to do good: use your Income Tax Return to support charitable actions

When preparing the income tax return, the taxpayer has the option of donating part of the tax withheld to social initiatives instead of simply directing it to the government.

National Corporate Taxpayer Registration – CNPJ

It amends the Annex V of the Normative Instruction RFB 1863/2018.
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