Capital gain in foreign currency: what individuals should consider

Individuals should consider a series of items that may be important when we deal with capital gain in foreign exchange.

Planning brings benefits and security to implementation of business  

Planning a new business involves decisions that impact competitiveness and operational balance.

Federal Revenue discloses rules to report the 2021 DIRPF

The reporting period will start on March 1 and it ends on April 30, 2021

“Pandemic Transaction”: PGFN establishes new deadlines to settle debits

The National Treasury General Attorney (Procuradoria-Geral da Fazenda Nacional - “PGFN”) has stated a new way to negotiate debits called “Transação da Pandemia” (or Pandemic Transaction)

Indemnified prior notice – Non-taxation

Opinions for non-taxation of social security contributions on indemnified prior notice were approved.

PIS – PASEP – Payment of Salary Allowance

Amendment to resolution and establishes the Salary Allowance Payment Schedule for the period 2020/2021.

Permanent authorization for work on Sundays and civil and religious holidays – Consolidated Labor Law (CLT)

The SEPRT Ordinance 1809, of Feb-12-2021, amends the Annex to the SEPRT Ordinance 604, of June 18, 2019 granting authorization for working on Sundays and holidays in various activities.

Recovery of tax credit: attention to the opportunities to keep the business competitive

Company’s Management should be attentive to the recovery of tax credits. Different types of credits can be recovered, positively affecting the company's financial health.

Digital payslip: technology increases efficiency to personnel management

The companies are increasingly looking for digital solutions that will help simplify and enhance the efficiency of remote team management.

DEF: Companies receiving foreign investment must report to Bacen by March 31

Until March 31, companies receiving direct foreign investment with assets or equity equal to or greater than R$ 250 million must report the DEF to Bacen.
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