Home-based, in-person or hybrid system: transition between models demands caution


Social Security: INSS contribution table in 2021

The benefits paid by the INSS will be readjusted, as of January 1, 2021, by 5.45%.

2021 Minimum Salary

The Provisional Measure 1021 was published providing for the value of the national minimum salary in 2021

Tax, financial, labor and social security measures help businesses in their resumption

Rita Araújo, director of DPC, wrote an article for Nordic Light Magazine, a Swedcham and the Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce publication.

Find how to improve the efficiency of financial processes


Labor and social security: 2020 overview and attention issues for 2021


Social Security – Rules on contributions to simultaneous employments relationship have changed

The calculation of the contribution discounted from the insured employee, domestic worker or individual worker who provides remunerated services to more than one company will change.

Telecom: DPC supports multinational by minimizing tax risks and avoiding relevant penalties

Multinational in the telecom area that provides fiber optic networks in 14 countries relied on DPC's support to achieve tax compliance and maintain competitiveness in a challenging business environment such as Brazil's.

Tax planning 2021: what to consider to achieve better results in the next year

Tax planning must consider a series of issues that make the assessment unique for each company.

Professional Apprenticeship Programs – COVID-19

It exceptionally enables the execution of theoretical and practical activities of apprenticeship programs is made in remote mode until Jun-30-2021, considering the Covid-19 pandemic
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