Repatriating funds: taxation on amounts transferred from other countries to Brazil

The funds repatriation procedures should be carefully and properly done to avoid questions from the Brazilian Federal Revenue.

Federal Revenue – New rules for monitoring large taxpayers


Outsourcing benefits management: the advantages of adopting this solution

Specialized support contributes to increased efficiency in benefit management, ensuring greater adhesion to the moment of the business, strategic objectives, and employees' profile.

Bacen – Reporting of Financial Statements

It consolidates the procedures to report the individual and consolidated annual, semi-annual and intermediate financial statements, for purposes of constituting the Financial Statements Central of the National Financial System, by financial institutions and other institutions authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil.

EFD-Reinf – New Implementation Schedule for Groups 3 and 4


e-Manual of Repetro-Sped

Its purpose is to inform about Repetro, Repetro-Sped and Repetro-Industrialization procedures.

eSocial: calculation of the social contributions on maternity-leave salary

The system no longer calculates the employer's contributions (social security, RAT and "third parties") on the maternity-leave pay.

DPC supports 3R Petroleum in M&A and IPO

DPC supporte 3R Petroleum in M&A and IPO preparing the accounting records and balance sheets required for the company's qualification with the CVM.

How to improve the efficiency of financial processes

A BPO - Business Process Outsourcing can be an important support for business to improve efficiency in financial processes by proposing an expert perspective.

Risk Classification of Economic Activities

Deals with the risk classification of economic activities subject to sanitary surveillance and the general guidelines for sanitary licensing.
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