Federal Revenue – Special Customs Regime

Deals with the transfer, on importation, of goods from a special customs regime or applied in a special area to another, but does not apply to the special customs transit regime.

Federal Revenue – Customs Transit Regime

Amends the SRF Normative Instruction 248/2002, which provides for the application of the customs transit regime. It is effective as of Nov-01-2020.

Jucerja warns that inactive companies may lose the right to use their corporate name

The settlement of the registration status must be done by December 31.

The Law 14.063 changes the rules for electronic signature

The Law No. 14.063 provides for the use of electronic signatures with public entities.

The client at the core of the business: DPC implements a Customer Care Department to improve the client’s experience

Area seeks to strengthen relationships to provide solutions more in line with the client's business strategy.

ISS changes on health assistance, fund management and leasing services

The payment of ISS to the municipality where the hirer of the service (destination), and no longer in the headquarters-city where the service provider (source) is.

Business management consultancy shows its value in the pandemic

Integrated analysis of the accounting, tax, labor and financial areas shows paths and opportunities.

Strategic HR to recruit, develop and retain talent in line with the organization

Área assume protagonismo na estrutura organizacional para guiar a gestão de talentos e contribuir com a evolução do negócio.

State Taxes / SP – Electronic Petitioning System

Creates the Electronic Petitioning System (SIPET).

Management of accounting and fiscal documents in the digital age

The management of business documents is undergoing a transition to digital. Transition is inevitable and can no longer be postponed.
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