FGTS – Individual Operation or per joining in the Payment of FGTS Active Debt

Authorizes the Attorney General's Office of the National Treasury (PGFN) to enter into individual transaction or per joining in the payment of the active debt of the FGTS.

eFinanceira: Extension of Deadline 

Statement is filled with financial operations information of Brazilian Federal Revenue interest.  

Quarterly CBE: the deadline is approaching 

The deadline to file the report on the base date of June 30, 2020 will end at 6:00 p.m. on September 5, 2020. 

Definitive exiting from Brazil: how to avoid problems with RFB

Brazilians who are going to permanently exit or have already exit Brazil should be aware of their obligations to inform about the definitive departure to the Federal Revenue.

São Paulo City Hall – the regulation of tax credits not included in the Active Debt is amended 

The Municipality of São Paulo published, on 08/11/2020, an act that restores the administrative tax installments interrupted after the public calamity due to the new coronavirus pandemic, which occurred on March 20, 2020. 

Bacen: new values limits for CBE and operations in deposit accounts

The National Monetary Council (CMN) published resolutions making the obligations related to assets held abroad by residents in Brazil and opeations in deposit accounts held in the country by residents abroad more flexible. 

Tax Treatment of Exchange Variation with Hedging

About the applicable tax treatment on the exchange variation of the investment value performed by financial institutions and other institutions authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil.

Darf – Revenue codes for collecting optional social security contributions instituted

Codar Executive Declaratory Act nº 2/2020 instituted the revenue codes to be informed in the Federal Revenue Collection Document (Darf).

DPC resumes face-to-face activities adopting measures to preserve health

Domingues e Pinho Contadores begins the gradual return of activities at its offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo on August 10, 2020.

CBS: changes for companies with the new form of taxation on consumption

The federal government sent the first part of the tax reform to Congress, proposing changes in consumer taxation. The proposed law creates the CBS, replacing PIS/Pasep and Cofins.
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