IRPF: how to declare assets and income of offshore companies

Anyone who invests in offshores must annually inform their investment in DIRPF, regardless of the amount.

New term: CBE of the 1st quarter should be presented between June 15th and July 15th

In view of the difficulties imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the Declaration of Brazilian Capitals Abroad (CBE) for the 1st quarter also had its deadline postponed.

Drawback: MP extends suspension of taxes for exporting companies

The federal government has extended tax incentives for Brazilian companies that operate in the foreign trade area and adopt the special drawback regime.

Attention to deadline: Quarterly DEF must be transmitted by June 30

The absence of the provision of DEF or, even, the presentation of false, incomplete, incorrect or out of time information subjects the responsible to the fine.

João Henrique Brum: DPC director retires and receives honor from colleagues

João Henrique Brum was a talent developed at DPC, where he made a career for 33 years.

Repealed MP that instituted the Green and Yellow Employment Contract

With the revocation, new hires in this modality cannot occur from April 21.

ANP – Decommissioning of oil and natural gas exploration and production facilities

Deals with the decommissioning of oil and natural gas exploration and production facilities, including the land area under contract in the bidding process, the sale and reversal of assets, the fulfillment of remaining obligations, the return of the area, among other points.

Compensation and restitution of federal taxes: crisis scenario expands search for tax opportunities

At this time, it is also expected that the movement to seek tax opportunities by companies will gain strength.

Municipality of Rio de Janeiro extends expiration of the Health Licensing Fee

On April 15, 2020, Decree nº 47.374 was published, which postpones the payment of the Health Licensing Fee (TLS), in 2020, from April 30 to June 30, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19.

Teleworking: Understand the new rules for remote work

The coronavirus pandemic has placed companies in the face of the need to suddenly deploy telecommuting or home office. Understand about MP 927 that was issued to promote the easing of labor standards, establish new rules for the relations between employee and employer, including new provisions for teleworking.
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