Law that makes opening companies easier and modernizes the business environment is sanctioned

Among the measures is the automatic issuance of permits and licenses.

Hiring processes must be planned to optimize management and minimize risks

Inefficient hiring process can affect business strategies, in addition to being a gateway to labor risks.

BEm: program that authorized salary reduction or contract suspension ended on 08/25

Companies that joined BEm must end the working hours and salaray reduction agreements or suspension of employment contracts.

Functional currency: adaptation is a strategic step for the client’s business

Determining the functional currency involves many factors and it must take into account the reality of the company.

Expatriates: companies can benefit from social security agreements

Social security agreements reduce the costs for companies in labor relocation operations, in addition to bringing benefits to workers.

EFD-Reinf: Federal Revenue Office establishes new guidelines for taxpayers

Federal Revenue Office establishes new rules for presenting the Digital Tax Bookkeeping of Withholdings and Other Tax Information (EFD-Reinf).

Quarterly DEF: next submission must be made by 09/30

Presentation of the Economic-Financial Statement (DEF) to Bacen refers to the reference date 06/30/2021.

Federal Revenue Office – Rules of the electronic control of maritime cargo

This amendment establishes that intervenors of the customs control system of entry and depart of ships and movement of cargo and cargo units in ports must adopt the Electronic Tax Residence.

Wealth succession: early planning of assets distribution can lead to tax savings

Setting a succession strategy can minimize taxation on assets.

Digital Tax Bookkeeping of Withholdings and Other Tax Information (EFD-Reinf)

Brazilian Federal Revenue Office sets new rules for presenting the EFD-REinf.
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