ICMS – Natural Gas Transportation by Pipeline System

It regulates the 18-month transitional period for information on the transportation of natural gas through the pipeline system.

INSS – Proof of Life of Beneficiaries Residing Abroad

Discipline procedures for proof of life for INSS beneficiaries residing abroad, who are supported or not by international agreements.

RFB Normative Instruction 1.911 rules PIS and Cofins

Vários atos relacionados a esses impostos foram revogados e as disposições relacionadas foram organizadas em um único ato, para facilitar a consulta.

Capital gain in foreign currency

Taxation of assets abroad - and their gains - is a matter of great concern to individuals resident in Brazil.

ICMS – Information System – IS

Approves the Instruction Manual - IM - with guidelines for completing the information in the Information System - IS.

The Statement of Brazilian Capital Abroad (CBE) for the 3rd quarter 2019 can now be sent

CBE's quarterly reporting deadline for the base date September 30, 2019 is 6:00 p.m. on December 5, 2019.

DPC supports Brazil Energy and Power 2019

Brazil Energy and Power highlights the perspectives and opportunities of the Brazilian oil and gas scenario.

Rio de Janeiro City Hall: the tax debitment for companies in judicial reorganization is regulated

The Decree 46,486/2019 provide for the incentive program for the settlement of tax credits of debtors in bankruptcy or in judicial reorganization.

Changes of mandatory publication rules of public limited companies brought by MP 892 were disciplined

The purpose was to make the rules for publication of documents provided for in Article 289 of the Brazilian Corporate Law more flexible.

Central Bank of Brazil – Installation of New Branches of Financial Institutions Abroad

Central Bank now recognizes as of government interest the installation in the country of new branches of financial institutions domiciled abroad.
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