PGFN – Union Active Debt Collection Operation

It regulates the procedures, requirements, and conditions necessary to perform the operation in the collection of the Federal Debit Rooster.

Simples Nacional Law – Joint Guarantee Society and Counter-Guarantee Society

It amends the Complementary Law 123/2006 to authorize the incorporation of a joint guarantee society and a counter-guarantee society.

CVM – Prevention to the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing

It deals with the prevention to the money laundering and financing of terrorism within the securities market.

Annual DCTFWeb should be filed by December 20, 2019

The Annual DCTFWeb is generated from the information provided in eSocial.

Tax benefits must be on corporate tax planning for 2020  

Tax benefits can have relevant and positive influences on tax planning for the coming year.

eSocial: events that would be mandatory in January 2020 will be extended

The new dates were not established.

Planning is essential for the feasibility of import and export operations

Prior assessment of tax aspects and obligations contributes to the success of transactions.

Social Contribution changes from March 2020

Reform modifies the Social Security system, disciplines the transition rules and fixes the transitional provisions related to the General Social Security Regime Social (RGPS).

Accounting network: DPC attends the GBrasil semiannually meeting

DPC attended the 52nd Meeting GBrasil - Brazil Group of Accounting Companies in Uberlandia-MG.

São Paulo: Special Installment of ICMS Debts

Special Installment Program (PEP) allows taxpayers to pay off debts in a single installment or to pay them in up to 60 installments.
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