Oil and gas: attention to tax and accounting schedule must be continuous

Even the expectations not being met, the oil and gas area once again records activity, which should generate new flows and chain activation in producing areas.

SEFAZ-RJ publishes resolutions that require special attention

Among the rules published by SEFAZ-RJ on Nov-19-2019, effective from this date, we highlight the relevant information of each resolution.

Automation of processes leads to greater agility and reliability to operations

New technologies have been influencing companies' financial and tax management.

MP 899 – Renegotiation of tax debts with the Federal Government

The tax transaction would be a tax agreement between the tax authorities and the debtor through mutual concessions to settle a dispute and extinguish the debt.

The Contrato de Trabalho Verde e Amarelo is established

The Federal Government created a new type of employment contract for people between 18 and 29 years of age.

DPC is honored for supporting Fundação Gol de Letra in 2019

This is the second consecutive year in which the DPC is supporting the initiative, as it recognizes the seriousness of the organization's proposal and work.

Special Incentive Regime for Development of Infrastructure – REIDI

Decree changes the legislation that regulates the form of qualification and co-qualification to the Special Incentive Regime for Development of Infrastructure - REIDI.

ICMS – Natural Gas Transportation by Pipeline System

It regulates the 18-month transitional period for information on the transportation of natural gas through the pipeline system.

INSS – Proof of Life of Beneficiaries Residing Abroad

Discipline procedures for proof of life for INSS beneficiaries residing abroad, who are supported or not by international agreements.

RFB Normative Instruction 1.911 rules PIS and Cofins

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