Quarterly DEF: next submission must be made by 09/30

Presentation of the Economic-Financial Statement (DEF) to Bacen refers to the reference date 06/30/2021.

Federal Revenue Office – Rules of the electronic control of maritime cargo

This amendment establishes that intervenors of the customs control system of entry and depart of ships and movement of cargo and cargo units in ports must adopt the Electronic Tax Residence.

Wealth succession: early planning of assets distribution can lead to tax savings

Setting a succession strategy can minimize taxation on assets.

Digital Tax Bookkeeping of Withholdings and Other Tax Information (EFD-Reinf)

Brazilian Federal Revenue Office sets new rules for presenting the EFD-REinf.

ICMS/RJ – Offset of credit related to tax benefits

Decree No. 47.718 addresses the offset of ICMS credit related to tax benefits in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Special Incentive Regime for Infrastructure Development – REIDI

Ordinance No. 19 establishes the procedures for approval of oil, natural gas and biofuel sector projects in REIDI.

DPC Transforma: 264 basic food baskets donated in the campaign #CORONANOPAREDÃO #FOMENÃO

DPC's team united with Gerando Falcões to bring food and hope to the hungry.

New Quality Assurance initiative promotes a satisfaction survey as a channel for improving DPC’s processes

The survey will be conducted annualy by DPC to enhance solutions offered to clients.

CBE must be submitted to Bacen until 09/05

Individuals and legal entities with US$ 100 million or more abroad must present the CBE.

New Process of Import and Customs Clearance – Single Import Declaration (Declaração Única de Importação – Diump)

Ordinance COANA No. 24 establishes procedures of New Process of Import and Customs Clearance.
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