Federal Revenue publishes eSocial video series about EFD-Reinf and DCTFWeb

The Federal Revenue has made available a series of seven video-lessons on the occurrences and errors observed by the eSocial, EFD-Reinf, and DCTFWeb development teams.

SISCOMEX – Qualification Procedures

it amends the RFB Normative Instruction 1603/2015, which establishes procedures for the authorization of importers, exporters and internees of the Manaus Free Zone for operation at the Integrated System of Foreign Trade

DREI – Establishment, Changes and Termination of Foreign Companies

It amends the Drei Normative Instruction 7/2013, which provides for authorization requests to nationalize or establish a branch, agency, branch or establishment in Brazil by a foreign company. The foreign company must observe the criteria for its formalization in Brazil, by using the portal "".

DPC lectures on tax aspects of the oil and gas market in Brazil in the USA


Provisional Measure 881 – establishment of the Statement of Economic Freedom Rights

The Provisional Measure 881/2019 (MP 881/2019) was published in the Extra Edition of the Official Gazette, of Apr-30-2019 establishing the Statement of Economic Freedom Rights and establishes standards of protection for free initiative and free exercise of economic activity, reinforcing the role of the State as a normative and regulatory agent.

Domingues e Pinho Contadores participates in OTC 2019, in the United States

DPC’s representatives are on a trade mission at the largest oil and gas event in the world, in Houston.

New rules for health permit in the City of Rio de Janeiro


The deadline to file the Statement of Brazilian Capital Abroad (CBE) for the first quarter of 2019 is open

The period to file the Quarterly Statement of Brazilian Capitals Abroad at the base dates of March 31, June 30 and September 30 of each year.

Marluci Azevedo participates in the talk show at CRCRJ

On April 25, the DPC’s director, Marluci Azevedo, was invited to take part in the talk show promoted by the Regional Accounting Council of Rio de Janeiro in celebration of the Professional Accounting Day. In addition to celebrating the date, the objective of the event was to discuss the scenario and challenges of the accounting profession.

PER/DCOMP Web: offsetting and refunding of federal taxes – companies see opportunities

The article addresses the current scenario and the promise of cross-compensation of federal taxes with the enforcement of eSocial and DCTFWeb.
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