What can tax review do for your company?

The tax review is a complete diagnosis of the company's fiscal behavior, fundamental to charting its current outlook. This work analyzes the fiscal and tax area in a global way, in order to map situations that can be corrected.

e-Financeira: Inclusion of private pension information

Normative Instruction included the social security operations module at the e-Financeira.

State of Rio de Janeiro: tax liability certificate in cases of individuals and corporate entities

Publication deals the issuance tax liability certificate through electronic system.

eSocial pass through new schedule adjustment

On October 5, the eSocial Steering Committee set new deadlines to send events to the government database.

Taxation on the withdrawal of funds by shareholders of offshore companies

The maintenance of offshore companies as a vehicle to invest abroad grows every year in Brazil.

Offshore companies: legality, obligations and taxation

Individuals with tax residence in Brazil who opt for investments abroad through an Offshore company need to fulfill a series of obligations, including keeping the accounting updated and preparing the balance sheet.

Changes to the National Corporate Taxpayers’ Registration (CNPJ) – Inclusion of the nomination of Final Beneficiaries

Since July 2017, the national entities, in addition to entities domiciled abroad, are also required to provide their final beneficiaries information through the Coletor Nacional (National Collector, in English) at enrollment with the National Corporate Taxpayers’ Registration (Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas - “CNPJ”).

RERCT: RFB publishes updating for regime rules

<p><i><b>Legislation</b></i></p> <h1>RERCT: RFB publishes updating for regime rules</h1> <br /> <p>The RFB Normative Instruction 1832 was published on the State Official Gazette, of September 24, 2018, […]

State of Rio de Janeiro grants reduction of penalties and default interest

State Complementary Law 182 deals with the installment payment of ICMS debts, penalties from the State Court of Accounts (TCE), and individuals’ IPVA debts.

DPC promotes two seminar editions on eSocial, EFD-Reinf and DCTFWeb

Experts highlighted the challenges of the transition phase, with emphasis on the effective implications of the obligations in the business routine.
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