Provisional Measures 1045 and 1046: DPC webinar presents practical aspects and impacts of new labor measures

The Provisional Measures were recently recreated by the government to support employers, preserve jobs and reduce the social impact resulted from Covid-19.

eSocial: attention to the next steps of the schedule

The eSocial schedule keeps moving forward, bringing new steps in the coming months for employers in Brazil.

Government reissues the measures that provide flexibility of labor rules, reduction of working hours and salaries

The Provisional Measures 1045 and 1046 aim to preserve the employment and minimize the pandemic effects

Provisional Measure 1028 – Extension of the validity period


Publication of the SINIEF Adjustment 1, of 2021

Makes public the celebration of the SINIEF Adjustment 01/2021, which provides for the different treatment applicable to ICMS taxpayers for compliance with tax obligations related to the natural gas processing

Natural gas – Flow, treatment, processing, underground storage, conditioning, liquefaction, regasification, and commercialization activities

Provides for the activities related to the transportation of natural gas and to the activities of flow, treatment, processing, underground storage, conditioning, liquefaction, regasification and its commercialization.

The time and turn for IPOs: how to prepare the company for public offerings

Trading shares on the stock exchange promotes a major transformation of the business. Accounting aspects must be considered in the preparations.

DPC supports projects related to digital culture, innovation, and entrepreneurship


New Gas Law: opportunities and challenges for the businesses in this sector

The Law was followed by the Confaz regulations, but the sector still demands that other points be clarified to increase legal certainty.

DPC supports Trimble to overcome the integration challenges in the merger process

DPC combined its expertise in advising businesses in the technological area with its experience in business management and mergers to support the American multinational Trimble in the integration process of a Brazilian company.
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