Oil & Gas and compliance under discussion: DPC directors participate in business meetings

DPC directors attended the XIII IBEF Forum of Oil, Gas and Energy 2018.

Does your company know the penalties that may be applied to eSocial?

In addition to a possible taxes payment, failure to provide information to eSocial will expose companies to penalties.

The deadline to file the Statement of Brazilian Capital Abroad (CBE) for the second quarter of 2018

The deadline to file the statement for the amounts referring to the quarter ended June 30, 2018 shall be from July 31 to September 5, 2018.

Consolidation of social security debts in Pert is regulated

RFB Normative Instruction discipline the rules on the provision of the necessary information to the consolidation of Pert.

Innovative Leadership: DPC gathers its managers from Rio and São Paulo to renew management practices

Rethinking DPC from modern management tools and sharing the teachings of an immersion held at the Disney’s magic universe. With these objectives, company’s managers met at the event "The magic of innovative leadership".

Good practices to your company’s document management

An efficient document management protects the business from data loss and ensures agility in attending a possible inspection.

Taxes and Reports of Individuals’ Assets and Investments abroad

More and more Brazilians invest in assets or investments abroad, as a way to diversify their portfolio or as protection of assets against internal tax changes. In addition, in this scenario, there are many people in doubt about of how to correctly enter information in the Personal Income Tax Return - DIRPF.

Observatório Social do Rio de Janeiro, an entity supported by Domingues e Pinho Contadores, completes one year

OSB-Rio organized an event to celebrate the victories and achievements of its first year acting in favor of a society with greater control over the use of public resources and to improve local management.

The penalty to the Tax Accounting Bookkeeping for companies taxed by presumed, arbitrated, or immune/exempt profits is modified

Legal entities taxed by IRPJ under any system other than real profit that fail to file ECF within deadline or filed with inaccuracies or omissions, are subject to penalties.

Outsourcing brings improvements to HR Management

In order to optimize the performance of the area, outsourcing some services has been gaining space in the market, such as the recruitment and selection of new employees, performance assessments and training.
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